Arab Health Summit


Outline of the Event


January 30, 2017 – February 2, 2017

International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Informa Middle East


The Hitachi Group joined the second most prestigious health care summit in the world and the largest medical exhibition in Middle East, The Arab Health Summit 2017.

The event attracted more than 4000 exhibitors from 68 countries to deliver the highest quality of Continuing Medical Education (CME) to medical professionals in the region. Arab Health Summit 2017 also offered a unique platform to network with a range of decision makers and experts across the fields of healthcare including medical manufacturers, general practitioners, hospital doctors, managers, nursing staff, technical managers, laboratory managers, physiotherapists, medical assistants and distributors.

Hitachi participated in the event as a gold sponsor for the exhibition and Big Data Conference, Hitachi also held several workshops, meetings, and presentations which attracted many visitors and presented latest updates and insights into cutting edge procedures, techniques and skills.


Hitachi Activities

Hitachi group companies were a solid contributer to the summit through the following activities:
Hitachi Participated in Oncology Conference.

Dr. Jun-etsu Mizoe, Director, Nagoya Proton Therapy Center, Nagoya City West Medical Center, Nagoya, Japan, gave a presentation under the name of: Nagoya Proton Therapy Center and Hypo-Fractionated Proton Beam Therapy for the Prostate.

Participation of Hitachi Vantara Corporation on Big Data Conference.

Mr. Nick Scholes, EMEA Healthcare IT Specialist, Hitachi Data Systems, London, UK, gave a presentation under the name of Extracting Clinical Value from the Healthcare Data Lake. Where he represented Hitachi Vantara Corporation, he focused also on how Hitachi Vantara Corporation is leveraging global best practices in scalable healthcare data management solutions, as well as harnessing Hitachi Groups’ social Innovation Strategy Specifically Pentaho’s Data Integration and Analytics capabilities provides the platform to consolidate, analyse and visualize healthcare related data to provide clinical and patient treatment improvements.

Participation of Hitachi Vantara Corporation on Big Data Conference.

Mr. Nick Scholes, EMEA Healthcare IT Specialist, Hitachi Vantara Corporation, London, UK did interviews with Arab Health Magazine, Arab Health TV, Dubai One TV, Sky News Arabia, Enterprise Channels MEA, ITP, Al Khaleej, Emirates Business, etc., where he emphasizes that the next three years are vital for GCC healthcare providers to adopt Internet of Things solutions to optimize data. Using an Internet of Things platform allows clinicians to use a tablet to view patient data within three seconds, delivering better patient care at lower costs.

Hitachi also handled Intraoperative MRI Operating Room including Smart Cyber Operating Theater workshop where Dr. Yoshihiro Muragaki, Professor, Institute of Advanced Biomedical Engineering and Science, Tokyo Women’s Medical University, Japan gave a speech together with Dr. Hiroshi Iseki, Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University, Japan.

Please watch the video to find more about Hitachi Proton Beam Therapy System

Mr. Takao Kuboniwa, General Manager, Radiation Oncology System Division Hitachi Ltd. Healthcare Business Unit introduced the Proton Beam Therapy System which is beneficial for cancer treatment by accelerating the beam of accelerators, where beam means the proton or carbon which will hit he tumor, the PBT System was introduced in Japan and USA in 2000, Mr. Kuboniwa showed Hitachi’s desire to introduce this System in Middle East through Arab Health Summit 2017.

Please watch the video to find more about Hitachi’s participation in Arab Health 2017

The summit was a huge success for Hitachi, the workshops, exhibition and trainings attracted thousands of attendees from all over the globe. Hitachi team introduced its latest innovative technologies and solutions to governments, public and private sector medical organizations.

Hitachi proudly presented its healthcare equipment in 6 categories:

  • Ultrasound System: which included 4 Ultrasound segments, such as women’s healthcare, and super quick screening system under the name of ‘Sofia’, Primary Care Ultrasound system which has a compact design and can be carried out hospitals, and the forth segment is Cardiology with very unique applications.

  • BMD: Bone Densitometry System.

  • MRI System: Hitachi introduced Aperto Lucent, Airis Vento and Airis Light and the 1.2T super connect magnet for MRI system under the name of Oasis, also Echelon Oval and 3T Oval systems.

  • Intraoperative MRI System: Hitachi corporates with Tokyo Women’s University Hospital to develop Intraoperative MRI system for brain surgery (Basic Scot) which dramatically improved survival rate after brain tumor operations.

  • CT Scan System: included 2 products, 1.8 size Scenaria, and 16 & 64 size systems called Supria.

  • X-Ray System.
Please watch the video to find more about Hitachi Vantara Corporation participation in Arab Health 2017

Mr. Nick Scholes, EMEA Healthcare IT Specialist, Hitachi Vantara Corporation, London, UK represented Hitachi Vantara Corporation at Arab Health Summit, he explained the main focus of the event, which is to help customers in consolidating and gathering different data from the hospitals, and how to analyse this information to help treating the patients more efficiently.