Outline of the Event


November 30, 2023 – December 12, 2023

The Expo City, Dubai, UAE

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change


What is COP28?

The term “COP,” which we see and hear about in newspapers and on TV, stands for "Conference of the Parties,” meaning a meeting of member states that are party to an agreement.

In this case, the agreement is the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which was established in 1992. The ultimate goal of this convention is to stabilize the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The purpose of the COP is to establish the international rules needed to accomplish this goal.

- COP28 held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) from November 30 until December 12, 2023, and it defined the following topics:

  1. Completion of the first global stocktake (GST), which is a comprehensive evaluation of progress made on the parties’ climate action plans
  2. Measures for loss and damage (caused by the negative effects of climate change)
  3. New framework for financial assistance for developing countries
  4. Acceleration to non-fossil fuels

Hitachi was a Principal Partner 2 years ago at COP26, when we announced our ambition to be carbon neutral in our own operations by 2030 and across our entire value chain by 2050. At COP28, Hitachi senior representatives joined the discussions to help push forward the agenda and accelerate the decarbonization of our planet.

Alongside the conference, participating countries, regions, and international organizations set up pavilions to display climate related exhibits for the estimated 70,000 visitors each day. Hitachi showcased some of the advancements and innovations in the Japan Pavilion, which is being arranged by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment. The technologies will include our electrification of transport and energy systems, and our digital innovations that cut carbon.

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Hitachi Activities

Hitachi was a core contributor to the event through the following activities:

Hitachi exhibited in the Japan Pavilion. Under the theme (Together for Action), all the Japanese companies communicate Japan’s strength to the world and showcased more concrete and effective examples of solutions supporting the realization of a “Decarbonized Society” or “Adaptation to Climate Change”. We showcased our activities and technologies that contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, our theme outline in the exhibition and our presentation plan in the Japan Pavilion was centric under the following:

- Hitachi realizes sustainability with digital and green technologies through co-creation with customers to achieve carbon neutrality, a circular economy, and a nature positive world. Three sectors are introduced:

  1. Energy: Digital-driven grid solutions supporting the introduction of non-fossil-fuel-based power

  2. Mobility: Solutions such as electrification, fleet management and MaaS for environmental impact reduction and urban revitalization

  3. Energy-efficient products and solutions for resource circulation maximizing asset value

The main representative from Hitachi Group Companies was Hitachi Energy which was a proud Gold Sponsor of the EEI-GCCIA Energy Transmission Summit on Nov. 29-30 at Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. The Edison Electric Institute (EEI) and the Gulf Cooperation Council Interconnection Authority (GCCIA) are holding the EEI-GCCIA Energy Transmission Summit to gather industry leaders, experts, and professionals to discuss the indispensable role of transmission grids in achieving climate goals and shaping a resilient energy future.

As the Gold Sponsor, Hitachi Energy is proud to have played a role in orchestrating this impactful gathering. As the pioneering technology leader, the company collaborates with customers and partners to enable a sustainable energy future – for today’s generations and those to come.

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Hitachi Products & Solutions:

Hitachi was a core contributor to the event through the following products and solutions:

HVDC (High-Voltage Direct Current)

  • HVDC is highly efficient for transmitting large amounts of electricity over long distances, integration of renewables and interconnecting grids, opening up for new sustainable transmission solutions.
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A movable storage battery system "Battery Cube"

  • The Battery Cube can be charged with renewable energy in one location and use it to power buildings in another.
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Flood simulator "DioVISTA/Flood" - Hitachi Power Solutions, "FloodS" - enabling simulate floods on the web

  • The flood simulator supports evacuation planning and education for disaster-prevention.
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Ultra-fast Charging for Urban Mass Transit "Grid-eMotion® Flash"

  • Grid-eMotion® Flash is a viable solution for urban mass transit, making catenaries, large and heavy batteries, range and schedule limitations and greenhouse gas emissions a thing of the past.
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About 85,000 participants including more than 150 Heads of State and Government, were among the representatives of national delegations, civil society, business, Indigenous Peoples, youth, philanthropy, and international organizations attended COP28.

COP28 was particularly momentous as it marked the conclusion of the first ‘global stocktake’ of the world’s efforts to address climate change under the Paris Agreement, calling for the strengthening of efforts in all climate change actions. As following:

  • Signalling the ‘beginning of the end’ for the fossil fuel era.
  • New funding for loss and damage.
  • Enhancing global efforts to strengthen resilience.
  • Linking climate action with nature conservation.
  • Ramping up practical climate solutions.
  • Looking ahead.
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