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What Are “Designed Cells” and Why Are They Attracting Attention?

Hope always exists for better treatments for people suffering from cancer or other intractable diseases. In the spotlight as a therapy that might be able to realize these hopes is gene and cell therapy. This treatment involves cells specially designed to have functional enhancements and then introducing them into the bodies of patients. If this can be realized, it is expected to help in the treatment of intractable diseases.

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Saving Cancer Patients: Cancer Genomic Medicine Using SuperComputer

As the population in Japan ages, it is reported that, currently, one out of two Japanese will contract cancer. Patients and families continue to be pressed by the huge financial, physical, and emotional burden of cancer treatment. To improve this situation, researchers are working on "genomic medicine," by which genomic information is analyzed and used for treatment.


Aiming for Zero Evacuation Delays via Flood Predictions and Evacuation Orders

As heavy rains and floods caused by climate change are occurring in many parts of the world and causing enormous damage, flood control measures to reduce and prevent flood damage from both rivers and drainage area have become a pressing issue for national and local governments.

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Digital Twin: What Does This Mean and How is Hitachi Using This Technology?

As digital transformation (DX) becomes more widespread, the use of data is becoming ever-more important. Meanwhile, the amount of data continues to grow, and more data than humans can imagine is being generated around the world every second.

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Supermarket Improves Operational Efficiency via an Automatic Ordering System Based on Demand Forecasting

In Japan, amid a backdrop of a decline in the working population due to falling birthrates and an aging society, supermarkets are taking advantage of digital technology to accelerate labor saving. YAOKO CO., LTD., which operates 182 supermarkets in the Kanto region, is one such company. It has dramatically increased operational efficiency by automating the ordering work previously performed manually by skilled personnel.

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Hitachi to Conduct Proof of Concept Testing of an Influenza Forecasting Service at Muji Store in Osaka

As warnings of the 8th wave of COVID-19 increase, there is concern of a simultaneous outbreak with influenza. The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) is calling for measures to be enacted that control the spread of infection in preparation for a simultaneous outbreak with the presumption of a total of 750,000 people (450,000 infected with COVID-19 and 300,000 with influenza) as the maximum number of people infected per day.

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The future of mobility: Hitachi develops an app that enables "Handsfree travel” for an entire city

Have you ever experienced the hassle of purchasing multiple tickets or using multiple apps when using different modes of transportation? An app that eliminates these hassles was developed, and a proof-of-concept testing was conducted in the city of Genoa, Italy.

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Fleet Optimization: The Key to Boost EV Uptake and Achieve Decarbonization

According to research conducted by Our World In Data, 20% of global carbon emissions come from transport. As countries worldwide look to identify and implement the most effective solutions to achieve global decarbonization, the electrification of transport provides a promising opportunity.

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Hitachi's Interconnector “NordLink”: A Bilateral Power Supply System that Contributes to a Greener Society

Today, acceleration of climate change, shifts in world affairs, and technological innovation are causing frequent fluctuations in the supply-demand balance of electricity. Against this backdrop, “interconnectors”, which connect power grids and allow a two-way supply of electricity, are garnering significant attention in many countries, and are contributing to secure a stable energy supply.