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Hitachi already has an effective role in developing the social innovation business as we believe that a one simple thought can change the world and also Hitachi understands that healthcare is an integral part of our social infrastructure. Through its innovative technologies and systems/solutions, Hitachi is striving to support a healthy and secure life in the 21st century.

So, Hitachi already injected a healthy dose of innovation in the medical, welfare and wellness industry. As the medical industry becomes increasingly technology driven, choosing the right medical equipment can be a life-saving decision. We are helping to increase the life expectancy and quality of life through systems that don't just focus on treatment but also prevention. We passionately believe that knowledge is the best medicine, and our smart systems instantly put information at the fingertips of decision makers. Despite our technological expertise, people are our most important asset, so we are helping to create a healthier, happier and more vibrant society.

MRI Systems

These include products that have earned a strong reputation, such as MRI systems designed with an elliptical opening that gives a more spacious feeling and is more comfortable for people with a large body or a phobia of confined spaces, and an extensive range of diagnostic ultrasound systems for different clinical uses ranging from precision examinations for specific diagnostic tests to routine examinations for chronic illnesses.

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CT Systems

Hitachi Computed Tomography (CT) imaging solutions boast a wide range of features with important benefits. Over the years, we have extended our CT systems to a wide customer base, and we continue to grow with expertise in this field. Nurture patient experience with superior quality images using Hitachi Computed Tomography (CT systems).

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Ultra Sound Systems

Hitachi excels in the manufacture of diagnostic ultrasound consoles and transducers. Our high-performance ultrasound products are globally a major contributor toward faster patient recovery, accurate diagnosis, and advancements in the medical field for over five decades.

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X-Ray Systems

Nowadays an ultra-sound scan is an inseparable part of medical examinations for cardiovascular, pre-natal, OB | GYN, veterinary and other purposes.

However, Hitachi understands that a doctor’s diagnosis is only as accurate as the information at his disposal.

That’s why we have engineered a full range of ultra-sound diagnostic equipment for use in general and specialist institutions.

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Bone Densitometry Systems

Bones, which are the base of healthy life, have been drawing attention around the world today. As a pioneer and leader of diagnostic ultrasound systems, we have developed a bone densitometry system with a new approach.

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Social Innovation Business in Healthcare