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Connective Industries

Globally Supplying Key Solutions And Products That Underpin The Social Innovation Business
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Social infrastructure includes the essentials for safety and comfort in everyday life: water, energy, air conditioning, industry, and more. Hitachi puts its long history of experience to use in providing secure, reliable solutions with a special emphasis on suitability for a low-carbon society.

Hitachi is a global manufacturer in building public infrastructure that enhances safety and comfort in everyday life. We innovate elevators and escalators fresh solutions that literally move our clients.

Not all electronic devices are created equal. Hitachi designs the most leading-edge parts and devices, ranging from the smallest industrial cameras to the largest broadcast cameras and semi-conductor manufacturing equipment and everything in between. The manufacturing industry has generated massive demand for advanced devices that will make the manufacturing process more time-efficient and cost-efficient. Hitachi meets this need by developing state-of-the-art cameras, analyzers, inspection systems and semi-conductors.

Water Environment Solutions

Water & Environment Solutions

Connective Industries

In processes like water treatment and pumps for drinking water, the risks of using anything less than the very best systems are extremely high. Hitachi stands out by offering the best-of-breed systems covering water treatment systems, pumps and industrial equipment. Hitachi's systems find diverse uses in power stations, irrigation, sewage treatment and water purification or desalination projects. With Compact Membrane Bioreactor System (sewage treatment systems) at the core, we are actively taking our business into new fields, including solar RO systems, red tide removal equipment, and other advanced technologies.

Centrifugal Compressors

Centrifugal Compressors

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A compressor is machinery that compresses gases such as air and gas. Compressors are used in various places and for various applications in society, and modern society cannot function without compressors. We have an extensive product line-up to satisfy various needs, ranging from the large centrifugal compressors for process use that form the heart of petrochemical plants, chemical plants, and natural gas plants, as well as general-purpose compressors used in automotive applications, electronics, IT, food processing, steel, and other plant lines. We supply products not only in Japan, but also overseas, based on our long experience and advanced technology.

Industrial Equipment Systems

Industrial Equipment Systems

Connective Industries

Hitachi’s advanced industrial components and equipment are widely used in diverse industrial fields including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, and steel manufacturing. Our extensive range of industrial components and equipment include AC drives and inverters, air conditioning and refrigeration components, industrial control systems and products, hoists, amorphous transformers, and others.

Building Systems

Building Systems

Connective Industries

Hitachi has been operating a building systems business for about 100 years since the company started research and development of elevators in the 1920s. Building Systems Business Unit of Hitachi is extending its operations globally, particularly in Japan, China, and other countries including the Middle East and has supported vertical transportation in cities that have been growing taller with economic progress.
For global and local futures, Hitachi contributes to solving environmental problems with a long-term perspective by reducing environmental loads at its global network of manufacturing sites and pursuing energy-saving performance in its products.
Taking full advantage of its digital capability, Hitachi will continue to support vertical transportation in cities.

Industrial Machinery

Industrial Machinery

Connective Industries

Our roots are in Michigan City, Indiana, but, today, we’re one of the largest air compressor manufacturers in the world. With an extensive global distributor network, we serve customers in nearly every corner of the globe.

For more than 50 years, Sullair has remained a leader at developing innovative compressed air solutions with world-class efficiency. We were one of the first to execute rotary screw technology in our air compressors, and our machines are known around the world for their legendary durability.

Hitachi Particle Therapy Solution

Medical Equipment

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Hitachi already has an effective role in developing the social innovation business as we believe that a one simple thought can change the world and also Hitachi understands that healthcare is an integral part of our social infrastructure. Through its innovative technologies and systems/solutions, Hitachi is striving to support a healthy and secure life in the 21st century. So, Hitachi already injected a healthy dose of innovation in the medical, welfare and wellness industry. As the medical industry becomes increasingly technology driven, choosing the right medical equipment can be a life-saving decision. We are helping to increase the life expectancy and quality of life through systems that don't just focus on treatment but also prevention. We passionately believe that knowledge is the best medicine, and our smart systems instantly put information at the fingertips of decision makers. Despite our technological expertise, people are our most important asset, so we are helping to create a healthier, happier and more vibrant society.

Electronic Devices Manufacturing Equipment

Measurement & Analytical Systems

Connective Industries

Hitachi High-Technologies is a pioneering company that combines integrated manufacturing and trading functions to formulate cutting-edge results. The company assists customers in growing their business through the collaborative creation of specialization and personalization solutions. This approach creates innovative value and provides the consumer with a unique brand. The Group aims to be a world leader in the following high-tech areas: Electronic Device Systems, Science & Medical systems, Fine Technology Systems, Industrial & IT Systems and Advanced Industrial Products. Three words describe Hitachi-High-Tech's products: Performance, Functionality and Reliability. We aim to contribute to an affluent society by using these strengths to create world-class products and innovative solutions in three business areas: Analytical & Medical Solutions, Industrial Solutions and Nano-Technology Solutions.

Power Electronics Products

Power Electronics Products

Connective Industries

Hitachi Hi-Rel offers an exhaustive and pioneering product range of power electronics products with complete customized solutions to keep customers ahead in this competitive arena. Hitachi Hi-Rel deals with a varied range of products, such as UPS, drives, solar inverters and customized power electronics products.

Optimizing Industry With Lumada

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In collaboration with Saudi Airlines Real Estate Development (SARED), Hitachi has helped redesign the city’s sewage treatment plant.

Water Analytics
Burj khalifa


In collaboration with leading builder Emaar, Hitachi has reclaimed waste water to keep the magnificent Dubai Fountain running for years to come.

Water Analytics
Desalination plants

Providing Water to Help Create Desert Ecosystems

Hitachi solar-powered desalination plants provide fresh water in remote desert areas within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to help the endangered Arabian Oryx.

Water Analytics
Waterleakage control

Hitachi's ICT solutions for water use and management help prevent the loss of precious water resources in Southeast Asia and elsewhere

As rising urban populations and economic development in the emerging markets of Southeast Asia and elsewhere generate growing demand for water, leaks from water pipes are becoming a major concern. Not only do these leaks waste precious water resources, they impede sound waterworks management.

Water Analytics
Remix water

Hitachi's revolutionary seawater desalination system using treated water targets water issues around the world

Global water shortages continue to grow more dire as a result of population increases, urbanization, and rising standards of living. Remarkably, this issue could be solved through the use of low-cost desalination systems capable of turning the world's seawater into fresh water.

Water AI
Water pump

Hitachi pump technologies: Advancing over 100 years in pursuit of solutions to water resource problems

Water is essential to support human life. To help countries and regions suffering from shortages of water, planning is underway for large-scale projects that will send water from regions with abundant water resources so as to provide stable water supply. Such projects require highly efficient pumps—the heart of any water supply system.

Water maldives

Producing safe drinking water in the densely populated Maldives

The Maldives' name comes from the Sanskrit words meaning "a flower wreath made of islands." As the name suggests, the Republic of Maldives is comprised of coral reefs and about 1200 islands in the Indian Ocean.

Water Analytics
Keeping the taps flowing in kandy city

Keeping the Taps Flowing in Kandy City

This case study was released in March 2013, prior to the merger of Hitachi Plant Technologies with Hitachi, Ltd. The company is renamed as Hitachi, Ltd. Infrastructure Systems Company (Sri Lanka Branch Office).

Water Life economy
Al-hamra towers

Providing the fastest elevators for Al Hamra Tower

Al Hamra Tower is one of the tallest buildings in the world. It is a complex comprised of offices, health club and a high end shopping mall. The skyscraper’s design responds to the intense heat of Kuwait’s desert climate by minimizing solar gain through angular cut window on its southern facing side.

Urban development
Tequila inteligente

City of Tequila gears up for a smart future with Hitachi

Culture, heritage, and a unique national drink. The Mexican town of Tequila has already captured the world’s attention.

Urban development Life economy Analytics

Energy management business plays central role in joint project to advance urban development in Malaysia

Hitachi is currently planning an energy-saving project for a university and a college, hotels, a hospital, a shopping mall, and other facilities owned by the Sunway Group, a company involved in a wide range of businesses revolving around urban development.