Green Energy & Mobility

Seeking To Realize A Reliable Supply Of Electric Power And A Low-carbon Society

Green Energy & Mobility

Providing Energy Solutions That Contribute To A Stable Energy Supply And Efficient Facility Management
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Hitachi's portfolio in power covers the full range of power generation, distribution and energy saving solutions. From power generation components and systems to power control equipment, Hitachi always scores the highest in power supply reliability and efficiency, ensuring constant supply for all end users. Whether conventional or renewable energy, we prove that 'less is more' by ensuring maximum efficiency in all power applications. Our philosophy of being eco-conscious not only helps to save our planet, but also saves our clients' budgets.

Hitachi is a global manufacturer in building public infrastructure that enhances safety and comfort in everyday life. Considering the congestion and environmental challenges faced by public transport worldwide, we innovate fresh solutions that literally move our clients. We have the solutions for public transport options that suit any market.

Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear Power Plants

Green Energy & Mobility

Nuclear power does not emit CO2 in the generation process, provides stable electricity and supports our daily lives. Hitachi Group supports a stable and sustainable energy supply with manufacturing & services, using its strengths to create a comfortable and rich future for people and the Earth. Hitachi's global nuclear power business has the technical capabilities to deliver a full range of products and services, from the development and manufacture of equipment through to plant construction and operational support, Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, Ltd. (HGNE) provides businesses related to design, manufacture, sales, installation and maintenance of light-water reactor equipment, fast reactor and nuclear fuel cycle and related products, disposal of radioactive waste, and preventive maintenance.

Transmission And Distribution Systems

Transmission And Distribution Systems

Green Energy & Mobility

There is a trend in the transmission and distribution of electric power toward the use of larger-scale systems, to cope with large power plants and to reduce transmission losses through the use of high transmission line voltages. Hitachi has extensive experience in this field through its supply of highly reliable transformers, switchgear, and other products throughout the world. Hitachi has also been working in recent years on smart grids that supply electric power reliably and without waste, and that combine conventional power plants with sources such as wind and photovoltaic power generation for which output levels are difficult to control.

Power Grids

Power Grids

Green Energy & Mobility

Hitachi Energy is a global technology leader that is advancing a sustainable energy future for all. We serve customers in the utility, industry and infrastructure sectors with innovative solutions and services across the value chain. Together with customers and partners, we pioneer technologies and enable the digital transformation required to accelerate the energy transition towards a carbon-neutral future. We are advancing the world’s energy system to become more sustainable, flexible and secure whilst balancing social, environmental and economic value.


Railway Systems

Green Energy & Mobility

Concerns for the environment, and a desire to improve the efficiency of national transportation systems are moving more governments towards rail for mass transportation of goods and people. For almost 100 years, Hitachi has been a major supplier to the world's most demanding rail markets. Our rail product portfolio includes rolling stock, signaling equipment, traffic management systems, planning systems, traction equipment and maintenance. Hitachi Rail is one of the few railway manufacturers who can realize seamless integration throughout a project, handling all aspects of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) to Operation & Maintenance services. Beyond delivering turnkey mass passenger transit and long distance mainline rail for freight, Hitachi-Rail has been developing highly functional solutions for signaling, telecom and power. The team is also combining digital asset management and dynamic headway & passenger management into their metro rail systems. These two management systems securitize big data trends to estimate passenger real time demand, so wait times are reduced during rush-hours and/or cultural events serviced by public transportation.

Energized Innovation By The Need For Smart Energy

Social Innovation Business Solutions In Power Systems Find More
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Smart energy islands isles of scilly

Smart Energy Islands – Isles of Scilly: Sharing locally-produced energy using the IoT

Unique and remote, the Isles of Scilly lie 28 miles off the tip of Land’s End in the far south west of the UK. The islands are one of the most protected landscapes and environments in England, designated a Conservation Area, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Heritage Coast. With five inhabited islands supporting a permanent population of just over 2,200, Scilly attracts over 100,000 visitors each year.


Supporting regional power services: Energy solutions contributing to prosperous city development

In a collaborative creation partnership with ENTEGA AG, a municipal utility in the German city of Darmstadt, Hitachi is conducting the development and verification of solutions that optimize the energy trading and the operational planning of power generation facilities.

Energy izu oshima

Stabilizing renewable energy use in island regions through the development of safe and economical hybrid battery energy storage systems

In Japan, a shift in energy policy is accelerating the introduction of large amounts of energy from renewable sources such as wind and solar power. In order to stabilize the supply of such environmentally driven renewable energy for island regions, Hitachi is working on the commercialization of safe and economical battery storage systems.

Energy Analytics
Pmorph interview

Motivated by the need to know: “PMORPH” is a robot tasked with obtaining information about a nuclear reactor's primary containment vessel (PCV) as needed for decommissioning.

Immediately following the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, robots from both Japan and abroad were sent in to get information needed for disaster containment, decontamination, and decommissioning.

Energy Robotics

A look inside: One step closer to nuclear plant decommissioning The role of "PMORPH" in investigating the inside of the Unit 1 PCV

The Fukushima Daiichi D&D Engineering Company, an internal company of TEPCO, the owner of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, is responsible for decommissioning of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station as provided in the Mid-and-Long-Term Roadmap.

Energy Robotics

Energy management business plays central role in joint project to advance urban development in Malaysia

Hitachi is currently planning an energy-saving project for a university and a college, hotels, a hospital, a shopping mall, and other facilities owned by the Sunway Group, a company involved in a wide range of businesses revolving around urban development.

Smartcity kashiwanoha

Kashiwa-no-ha Smart City: Making smart use of local energy sources to build the communities of the future

Based on a partnership involving the public, private, and academic sectors, a revolutionary community development project is currently underway in the city of Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture.

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Smartgrid hawaii

The Japan-U.S. Island Grid Project on Hawaii's Maui Island: Striving to find solutions to the energy challenges

Due to a heavy dependency on fossil fuels as energy sources, the State of Hawaii, U.S., has been rushing to integrate large amounts of renewable energy into its utility grid, causing new trouble, such as excess energy and instability in the power supply.

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Energy compressor

Centrifugal compressors: Playing a key role in the production of Brazil's offshore oil resources

Deepwater production activities for oil and natural gas have accelerated in response to the growing demand for energy. In recent years, floating production facilities, known as "FPSO" (Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading), have been playing a central role in resource development.

Tokyo metro

Train operation control systems: Supporting the smooth transit of 7.42 million passengers a day

Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd., a subway company with a ridership of as many as 7.42 million passengers a day, provides safe and on-time train operation with a highly dense timetable.

Transportation Analytics
Seibu railway

Using digital technology that employs "design thinking" to improve wheelchair user convenience

With the progress toward a more barrier-free society, train ridership by wheelchair and white-cane users going out by themselves is increasing. Assistance by train station personnel is crucial to securing their safety on station platforms during boarding and deboarding.

Transportation Life economy

Safe, precise traffic control of Tokyo metropolitan railways with a daily ridership of 14 million: What's the secret?

Serving the Tokyo metropolitan area, the East Japan Railway Company, commonly known as “JR East,” implements an incredibly congested schedule of up to 10,000 trains per day, maintaining both on-time departures for all trains and safe & stable train operation.

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Hitachi rails first manufacturing plant in the united states is now complete

Hitachi Rail’s First Manufacturing Plant in the United States is Now Complete

The production system that has been prepared for Miami allows us to achieve high performance and build modern vehicles that meet the needs of the transportation fleet for Miami-Dade County.

The uks new advanced azuma trains accelerate faster and arrive earlier

The UK's New Advanced Azuma Trains Accelerate Faster and Arrive Earlier

With faster acceleration, shorter journey times and enhanced passenger comfort, Hitachi's brand new, highly advanced Azuma trains started operation across the UK's East Coast Main Line in May 2019.