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Hitachi Will Contribute To A Sustainable Society Through Providing New Value For People, Building Systems And Society

Digital Solutions

Connective Industries

Based on our R&D concept of “Human Friendly – Consideration and Comfort”, we respond to all vertical transportation needs in a wide range of nations and regions, and continue to provide a new sense of value. Reliability is a non-negotiable feature of all our infrastructure, because a malfunction of even one hour will cause costly delays and congestion. We also take pride in our safety record, which gives our clientele full reassurance and peace of mind for their own customers' well-being.


Remote Monitoring Services

Connective Industries

Building Systems Business Unit of Hitachi has been providing remote monitoring services for elevators, escalators, and various other building equipment for many years. It analyzes the equipment operation data to detect signs of approaching failures and repair them before they happen.


Security Solutions

Connective Industries

Building Systems Business Unit of Hitachi has been providing the security solution for office buildings and residences including surveillance cameras and access control systems.

Thriving Urban Areas Enabled By Connected Intelligence And Social Innovation

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As COVID-19 infections spread, a "new normal" lifestyle is emerging.

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The number of infected people of COVID-19 in Japan has soared since last November. In January 2021, Japan’s government has declared the state of emergency which covers 11 prefectures.

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Continuing economic growth and urbanization have driven demand for ultra-high-rise buildings in Asia's major cities.

Analyzing daily flow, behavior, and the relationships of people to make cities and spaces more attractive

As societies grow increasingly complex, IT is playing an increasingly important role in optimizing various social systems.