Green Energy & Mobility

Innovation is key in enabling us to grow our offering for our customers through enhancing existing products, systems and solutions, whilst also harnessing global market trends

Digital Solutions

Green Energy & Mobility

As a business, we are investing in innovation so that we can provide solutions for the megatrends effecting the mobility sector, including sustainability, autonomous vehicles, digitalisation, urbanisation and customer experience - all with a focus to enhance customer satisfaction and increase passenger experience.

Global market trends are also demanding the use of disruptive technologies and we are seeing the introduction of new business models across the mobility sector. For this reason, we are investing in new digital and data capabilities; embedding these across our organisation, allowing us to continue our pioneering status, improve operational efficiency, and maintain our customer and partners’ trust through offering products of exceptional quality.

Additionally, we are developing the next generation of digital innovation products and services, through taking advantage of the Hitachi Lumada IoT platform, increasing our collaboration with existing Hitachi ventures and harnessing the full power of the Hitachi brand. This allows us to test and innovate solutions at an accelerator speed, to bring new concepts to market without delay.



Green Energy & Mobility

Integrating digital technologies into business operations is the best mean for Hitachi Rail to both operate and deliver optimal results to customers. Hitachi Rail aims to digitalize all its plants gradually, consisting in setting-up new digital work centers. The connection of all digital assets to Hitachi Lumada manufacturing insight solutions is allowing Hitachi Rail to increase the efficiency and speed up the rolling stock manufacturing, with digital instruments that for example allow to gather machine telemetry for visualization in dashboards and predict the quality and the failure issues on the digital assets.



Green Energy & Mobility

Hitachi Rail is the pioneer of autonomous train technology. Working in partnership with Rio Tinto, we have delivered an autonomous freight train contract in Australia. Keeping its pioneer title, we are working to have a fully automatic operated train running on open railway networks by 2025; an example of us continuing to enhance our freight solution.



Green Energy & Mobility

Hitachi Rail is investing in digitalisation - connecting its products, systems and solutions using Lumada, IoT sensors and disruptive technologies. This will optimise maintenance procedures, including automated maintenance to reduce the need for on-site intervention, both in order to provide the highest levels of operational efficiency and availability, whilst reducing overall maintenance costs.

Thriving Urban Areas Enabled By Connected Intelligence And Social Innovation

Social Innovation Business Solutions In Urban And Transportation Find More
Social innovation business
The forefront and future outlook of drones

On the verge of a society where people and drones coexist: The forefront and future outlook of drones

In Japan, at a time when the falling birthrate and the aging population give rise to the major social challenge of a shrinking workforce, unmanned aircraft known as drones are garnering attention as key to solving this problem.


Hitachi Developing a Pick-up Service to Help the Elderly in Rural Areas Get Around

As Hitachi, Ltd. wants elderly people in rural areas to enjoy freedom of movement and to be able to go wherever they want whenever they want, Hitachi is tackling the development of a new service in collaboration with Social Action Organization, which is working to improve and lessen the need for nursing care by taking advantage of information and communications technology (ICT).

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"People are moving from their cars to the track": Hitachi and Alstom Win UK High-speed Train Order

On December 9, 2021, Hitachi Rail and France’s Alstom announced that the Hitachi-Alstom High Speed (HAH-S) 50/50 joint venture has signed contracts with the U.K.’s High Speed Two (HS2) to design, build, and maintain the next-generation of high-speed trains for HS2 Phase 1.

Tokyo metro

Bus EV Infrastructure: Enabling the Transition to Electric Bus Fleets

Transportation contributes to approximately one-quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions.1 It is Australia’s third-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions (102 million tonnes in 2018–20192), with the highest rate of growth.

Seibu railway

Hitachi Developing an In-Wheel Motor for EVs: "Realizing a More Comfortable Cabin"

As the urgency of realizing a decarbonized economy increases, so does the importance of electric vehicles (EVs), as they do not emit carbon dioxide when in motion.

Hitachi Rail

Hitachi to acquire railway signal business of Thales of France: Toward becoming a global leader in railway systems

On August 4, 2021, Hitachi, Ltd. announced that Hitachi Rail, which is the operator of a railway systems business, will acquire the railway signal business of Thales, a leading French electrical systems company.

US Rail Projects

Hitachi to Provide Rolling Stock in the U.S. Capitol for 2.2 Billion Dollars Contributing to the Development of Railway Services in the North America Market and Supporting Environmentally Sustainable Methods of Travel

Environmental issues have become a global concern in recent years, and rail transit is once again attracting a great deal of attention as an environmentally friendly and sustainable means of transportation, with 80% fewer emissions per kilometer than cars.

Hitachi rails first manufacturing plant in the united states is now complete

Transforming the logistics industry: A delivery planning system now in operation at Mitsui & Co. Group

From food to everyday goods, products necessary to our daily lives are transported daily via logistics operations. Comparable to the circulation of blood in the body, logistics is a process that is vital to supporting the very foundation of our daily lives.

The uks new advanced azuma trains accelerate faster and arrive earlier

Robot Trains: How Hitachi Rail Tech Enabled Global First in Heavy Freight Rail Automation

Robot trains…really? Well, essentially. Hitachi Rail and Rio Tinto collaborated to build the world’s first driverless heavy freight train – an automated heavy haul freight transportation system they call AutoHaul™.