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Hitachi, Ltd., Building Systems Business Unit started research and development work on elevator systems in 1920. We have continued to develop the world’s leading technologies with the highest safety since then. We are proud of the development of the world fastest elevators in June this year, which travel up to 1,260 meters a minute. For almost a century, our products have been used with comfort and safe in many countries as a vital means of mobility in our daily lives.

In the Middle East, a rapid growth of the economy has realized the remarkable progress of urbanization. We have been providing the most advanced and safety products to the stations of urban transportation systems, airport s and high-rise buildings, etc. Hitachi will be a number one business partner in the Middle East to contribute to the progress of the countries and people’s lives.

Machine Room-Less Elevator (Model UAG Series SN1)
Machine Room-Less Elevator (Model UAG Series SN1)

This machine room-less elevator, which was developed in Japan, is equipped with Hitachi's latest technologies. In addition to its excellent design, it also offers uniform basic specifications to meet the different standards of each country and respond flexibly and quickly to the needs of customers.

We begun sales of this model in the Middle East and countries across Asia.

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The Ultra-high speed Elevators 1260m/min
The Ultra-high speed Elevators 1260m/min

Hitachi reaches 1,260 m/min, the World's Fastest Speed with Ultra-High-Speed Elevator.

We have been pursuing even higher speed, modified control units and safety devices of the elevator and will utilize this achievement for future product development, and strive to offer elevators with higher running quality as well as safety and comfort.

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