Power Systems
Transmission and Distribution Systems

Hitachi provides a range of transmission and conversion systems that support extra high and high voltage transmission. Now and in the future, as a leader in transmission and substation systems, Hitachi will continue to develop its business globally to provide a stable supply of electric power, the core of today's social infrastructure.

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About Hitachi T&D Systems Saudi Arabia Ltd.

In the Middle East, an increasing population and economic growth have underpinned a sharp increase in demand for electric power. Since the 1970s, Hitachi has constructed numerous substations in the Middle East, mainly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Hitachi aims to further expand its transmission and distribution business in the region and Hitachi T&D Systems Saudi Arabia Ltd. (HTDSA) joins an established global network of Hitachi T&D companies that undertake manufacturing and engineering operations. HTDSA will positively contribute to the region by providing highly reliable products and services.