Power Systems
Seeking to Realize a Reliable Supply
of Electric Power and a Low-carbon Society

Hitachi's portfolio in power covers the full range of power generation, distribution and energy saving solutions. From power generation components and systems to power control equipments, Hitachi always scores the highest in power supply reliability and efficiency, ensuring constant supply for all end users. Whether conventional or renewable energy, we prove that 'less is more' by ensuring maximum efficiency in all power applications. Our philosophy of being eco-conscious not only helps to save our planet, but also saves our clients' budgets.

Nuclear Power

Nuclear power does not emit CO2 in the generation process. Hitachi's global nuclear power business has the technical capabilities to deliver a full range of products and services, from the development and manufacture of equipment through to plant construction and operational support, the nuclear fuel cycle, disposal of radioactive waste, and preventive maintenance.

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Transmission and Distribution Systems
Hitachi Photo: SF6 Gas Insulated Switchgear - GIS

There is a trend in the transmission and distribution of electric power toward the use of larger-scale systems, to cope with large power plants and to reduce transmission losses through the use of high transmission line voltages. Hitachi has extensive experience in this field through its supply of highly reliable transformers, switchgear, and other products throughout the world.

Hitachi has also been working in recent years on smart grids that supply electric power reliably and without waste, and that combine conventional power plants with sources such as wind and photovoltaic power generation for which output levels are difficult to control.

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Wind Power Generation Systems

Hitachi is also actively involved in power generation systems using renewable forms of energy with the potential to be important sources of energy in the future. In the field of photovoltaic power generation, Hitachi not only supplies highly efficient equipment, it can also draw on the comprehensive capabilities of Hitachi to handle all aspects of megasolar power systems, from financing through to operation and maintenance.

These capabilities include its power system technologies and system integration know-how built up over many years. In the field of wind power generation, Hitachi supplies wind turbines that use a highly reliable downwind turbine configuration to achieve a high level of generation efficiency in mountainous regions. It is also working on further developments, including deployment in offshore wind farms and upsizing the technology.

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