3D LiDAR (TOF) Motion Sensor HLS-LFOM Series

Enhanced Security:

  • The sensor can detect when someone enters restricted or dangerous areas and sends alert information in real time to security personnel.
  • Used in connection with ID cards, the sensor can detect when someone without an ID card follows someone with a card and alert security personnel, eliminating "tailgating" by unauthorized personnel.
  • Shoplifting can be deterred by using the sensor to detect suspicious behavior, actions, and time spent in a location. The sensor can detect movement in areas where security cameras have blind spots and alert security personnel.

Comprehensive In-Store Analysis:

  • The sensor can track the number of people entering and exiting the store, along with behaviors of passers-by thus giving marketers data on time spent viewing store window displays and advertising effectiveness.
  • In store behavior analysis is achieved by tracking aisles visited, time spent in particular locations, products viewed and touched then selected for purchase.
  • Real time data can help retailers properly staff busy locations and checkout lanes.