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CT Systems

A CT system is now a must for any serious medical institution. Hitachi provides an extremely high level of detail and imaging for top facilities.

Our CT system balances high image quality with low exposure, and high speed scanning with low maintenance requirements.

The specifications and system configurations are easily adapted to the examination and installation requirements of various institutions.

SCENARIA 128 slice

SCENARIA is Hitachi's 128 slice CT scanner which paves the way for the future. The whole body scanner with a 0.35-second rotation speed which reduces kinetic artefact, examination time and contrast volume for vascular exploration dosage, while maintaining excellent diagnostic imagery.

The 750mm aperture maximizes patients’ comfort, reduces anxiety and stress, and enables effortless examinations.

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Supria 16/64 slice

The need for faster and more accurate diagnosis is increasing every day in front-line medical practice. Supria is designed to answer, in one CT, all the demands of diverse routine applications, with the added benefits of a compact size, excellent image quality and ease of use without compromise. Supria CT is your answer to take off to the next clinical and technology standard.

High speed scanning with less than 1 sec/rot, the latest technologies and a 75cm bore, one of the widest among the presently available 16/64 slice CT systems, enable a precise and comfortable examination. Supria achieves the minimum dose and reduces image noise and artifact to provide higher quality images.

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