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Not all electronic devices are created equal. Hitachi designs the most leading-edge parts and devices, ranging from the smallest industrial cameras to the largest broadcast cameras and semi-conductor manufacturing equipment and everything in between. The manufacturing industry has generated massive demand for advanced devices that will make the manufacturing process more time-efficient and cost-efficient. Hitachi meets this need by developing state-of-the-art cameras, analyzers, inspection systems and semi-conductors

Electronic Devices Manufacturing Equipment

Hitachi also supplies a wide range of production and inspection equipment for the semiconductors and other electronic devices that are essential to providing advanced functions in the latest electronic products. Drawing on its proprietary microfabrication technologies and metrology and inspection technologies, Hitachi develops high-precision manufacturing and inspection equipment for semiconductors and other electronic components to deliver solutions to markets such as those for semiconductor packages and smartphones. For hospitals and medical laboratories, meanwhile, Hitachi also helps provide the infrastructure for in vitro diagnostics through its work on clinical analyzers designed for high reliability and ease-of-use.

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