Smart Spaces and Video Insights (SSVI)

Video Analytics to Improve Efficiencies and Safety for People and Drivers

With a growing number of video cameras in retail stores, office buildings, parking lots, traffic lights, factories and other key areas throughout a city, valuable video data is constantly being captured and stored. While many of these systems are used to enhance security, they also offer valuable data to support operational intelligence. By applying computer vision and analytics to video data, public and private organizations can gain the insights they need to understand customer behaviours, improve efficiencies, drive innovation, and deliver a more effective transportation experience. To complement Hitachi Video Analytics, Hitachi Visualization Suite integrates video with data feeds from 911 calls, weather reports, crime statistics and other disparate systems into a single pane of glass web-based interface that delivers immediate, actionable insights.

Insights from video feeds are only as accurate as the supporting analytics. By applying intelligent analytics, Hitachi Video Analytics far surpasses conventional technologies to provide the highest accuracy available. Unlike most video analytics that offer only a single algorithm for all video content analysis applications, Hitachi Video Analytics uses unique, next-generation algorithms specific for each application or scenario. When it’s combined with advanced particle tracking and noise filtering, this approach delivers an extremely low false positive rate and unparalleled analysis results. Hitachi’s family of video analytics solutions help government organizations and businesses create safer, smarter and more efficient communities, services, and public spaces. From automated security solutions that protect people, property and critical infrastructures, to operational business and traffic intelligence, along with privacy protection that ensures compliance with regulations — Hitachi Video Analytics has you covered.

Using IoT and proven technologies like video analytics, smart cities are driving operational intelligence that increases efficiency and safety, improving the way people work and live.

Solution By: Hitachi Vantara