Fleet Management Solution

Delivering Results to Improve Cost, Quality, Safety and Delivery by Leveraging Over 90 Years of Manufacturing Experience Combined with Deep IT/OT Experience to Collaborate a Targeted Digital Transformation Journey

Since 15 years Transport/Fleet industry has invested in Telematics, route planners, warehouse management systems in order to improve operations efficiency. We are now witnessing a new industrial revolution, fueled by the advancement of digital technologies. Transport/Supply chain companies want to decrease their costs thanks to a holistic view of all their operations and a prediction of orders to come.

Hitachi helps Transport companies; Supply Chain operators navigate this dynamic and volatile marketplace with innovative solutions that draw on digital technologies to improve business results. Hitachi offers a diverse range of services that help identify solutions to the issues currently confronting logistics.

It is a scalable platform that aggregates siloes data from various sources such as OBD devices, telematics vendors (multiple TSPs), TMS etc. to deliver actionable insights in a single dashboard.

End to end solution using IOT sources to aggregate asset data from various sources to monitor equipment condition and field service operations traditionally managed by OEMs or Operators.

The solution is built to integrate with Maintenance information and error logs to provide AI based repair recommendation.

Micro service based architecture for easy extensibility and redeploy to new asset types.

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