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Solutions to Address the Impact of COVID-19 Thermal Scanning | 3D Lidar Social Distancing Compliance | 3D Lidar Sanitisation

Lockdown restrictions will be eased before a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus is created and/or fully deployed, and organisations will therefore need to re-start or re-organise operations in a way which optimises the safety and wellbeing of employees, suppliers and customers, and which also provides transparency to workers and regulators, while helping mitigate risk with further infection. Hitachi Smart Spaces and Lumada Video Insights solutions can be utilised to address several use cases:

  1. The solution uses thermal imaging cameras to ensure early identification of individuals with abnormal body temperatures, and if that is followed with channelling to secondary measures, organisations will be able to strengthen their efforts to reduce the incidence of infection within their facilities.
  2. The solution set can be used to drive compliance to social distancing requirements where necessary (for example when queuing, or in group working areas) to reduce the risk of virus spread.
  3. The solution set can be used to drive compliance with appropriate hygiene procedures (such as handwashing, sanitising, etc.) to reduce the risk of virus spread.

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