Onward to 2030: Hitachi’s Road to Sustainability
Hitachi Management Strategy and the Sustainable Development Goals In 2015, the United Nations announced 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be achieved by 2030, including goals for ending poverty, fighting inequality and injustice, and tackling climate change. The SDGs are not just a blueprint but a comprehensive action plan for businesses, governments, and communities to support the shared prosperity of people and the planet. Organizations are expected to develop long-term frameworks and take ownership of this push for sustainability to realize the SDGs and create a better world. Hitachi’s Sustainability Journey Hitachi’s 110-year heritage is rooted in founder Namihei Odaira’s determination to “contribute to society through the development of superior, original technology and products.” The company has always aspired to fulfill this mission by delivering products and services that answer society’s challenges. In short, this is a journey that Hitachi has been on for more than a century. Today, that journey continues through Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business. Combining the strengths of OT (operational technology), IT (information technology), and product development, the company’s Social Innovation Business is well placed to respond to the issues facing society today and realize a sustainable society with improved quality of life. The SDGs and Hitachi Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business focuses on five business domains: "IT","Energy","Industry","Mobility" and "Smart Life". Hitachi’s Lumada IoT platform is also designed to create value throughout the company’s Social Innovation Business by connecting customer value chains and resolving business issues. This diversity of operational focus positions the company well to make a broad contribution to achieving the SDGs. In fiscal 2017, top management considered the 17 SDGs and the opportunities and risks they posed, identifying the five SDGs where Hitachi can have the greatest impact through its business strategy. Hitachi has also identified six additional SDGs linked to its corporate commitment to society. These six SDGs will have an impact on Hitachi’s long-term sustainability as a company, cutting across all areas of its business and management strategy. While not as well positioned in the short to medium term to contribute to the remaining six of the 17 SDGs through its business, Hitachi recognizes the interaction and interdependency between all SDGs and remains committed to the realization of all 17 both directly and indirectly.