Mid-term Management Plan 2024

Social Innovation Business in Mid-term Management Plan 2024

Hitachi has been tackling social challenges through the Social Innovation Business by leveraging its core strengths in IT x OT x Products and Lumada. More than ever, data and technology play a key role in addressing social challenges while staying within the planetary boundaries and maintaining wellbeing for all.

Hitachi believes that Lumada, which leverages data and technology in a cycle that co-creates value with our customers, is a solution for the complicated and difficult challenges that our customers and society are facing.

In Mid-term Management Plan 2024, we accelerate the growth of Lumada, and we grow our Social Innovation Business by Digital, Green, and Innovation initiatives as the drivers to contribute to solving complex social challenges. Social Innovation Business will grow Hitachi overall, allowing us to contribute further to bettering the future of both society and people to realize sustainable society.

Hitachi undertakes Social Innovation Business through co-creation with customers via a structure that consists of three sectors and Hitachi Astemo.

  • Green Energy & Mobility — is a shift in energy that is safe, comfortable, and offers clean mobility as we move toward a decarbonized society
  • Digital Systems & Services — optimize the system supporting society through digital transformation and leading CPS (Cyber-Physical Systems) and grow Hitachi’s digital business centered on GlobalLogic
  • Connected Industries — offers resilient supply chains that contribute to revitalizing industries and cities
  • Hitachi Astemo — contributes to Electric Vehicles (EV) and autonomous driving