Hitachi Group Identity

Our Identity, which is the Basis for Mid-term Management Plan 2024, Contributes Positively to Society

Since its founding, Hitachi has been working to solve the challenges facing society through its Mission: "Contribute to society through the development of superior, original technology and products". Our Values, which include the Hitachi Founding Spirit, "Harmony, Sincerity, Pioneering Spirit", serve to support this mission and inspire action.

Today, Hitachi continues to grow as a global company with about approximately 370,000 employees globally, with 59% of our workforce and sales being outside Japan. As globalization evolves, it will be common for employees of different nationalities and culture to work together to achieve this mission. Due to Hitachi‘s cultivation of such an environment, “Harmony, Sincerity, Pioneering Spirit”, will continue to serve as a foundational company value.

Hitachi’s business itself solves social challenges and supports the earth’s sustainability. Going forward, it is important that employees with different ways of communication and thinking from all around the world feel that it is their mission to continue engaging in discussions and contribute to society as individuals by living "Harmony, Sincerity, Pioneering Spirit” in their hearts as shared values.

With this organizational foundation, we will grow as individuals and as an organization, and contribute to society through our Social Innovation Business together with our colleagues around the world.