Hitachi's Environmental Vision

The Environmental Vision and Hitachi Environmental Innovation 2050

Advancing our environmental vision and long-term environmental targets taking into account the growing urgency of environmental issues in the world and the management policies of Hitachi, we formulated an environmental vision that clearly outlines our vision for society from a long-term perspective.

In working toward achieving this vision, we have established a set of long-term environmental targets aimed at building a decarbonized society, a resource efficient society, and a harmonized society with nature under the banner of Hitachi Environmental Innovation 2050 and are working to advance them.

With regard to achieving a decarbonized society, we originally set a target of reducing CO2 emissions by 80% throughout the value chain by fiscal 2050 (compared to fiscal 2010) in response to the adoption of the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in fiscal 2016.

However, in consideration of the IPCC special report on global warming of 1.5ºC, and in recognition of the corporate social responsibility Hitachi is expected to fulfill, we raised our targets. In fiscal 2020, we revised our target to achieve carbon neutrality at Hitachi business sites (factories and offices) by fiscal 2030. And then in fiscal 2021, we revised our target again to achieve carbon neutrality in our value chain by fiscal 2050. In seeking to realize a resource efficient society, we aim to improve the usage efficiency of water and other resources by 50% by fiscal 2050 (compared to fiscal 2010 levels).

And in aiming to build a harmonized society with nature, we are advancing initiatives to minimize our impact on natural capital by reducing our negative impacts and maximizing our positive impacts across the value chain. Hitachi’s environmental initiatives, including the achievement of these long-term environmental targets, are mandated by the short-term environmental action plan which is updated every three years and pursued group-wide.