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General Manager

Hitachi, Ltd., Middle East Branch

Hamed Ghanem

As people are faced with unpredictable social changes and worsening environmental degradation, addressing the issues of planetary boundaries (boundaries for the global environment that must not be surpassed in order for humans to survive sustainably on the earth), and achieving wellbeing (a good state of mind, body, and society) become the most important assignments across the globe.

All of this shows that we must recognize the urgency that is required in creating sustainable societies with carbon-neutral communities and a circular economy.

With the Mid-term Management Plan 2021, we aimed to become a global leader in Social Innovation Business by improving social, environmental, and economic values. The new Mid-term Management Plan 2024 focuses on supporting people's quality of life with data and technology that fosters a sustainable society through our evolved Social Innovation Business.

Recognizing social challenges are the assignments that we have to take on, let's forge ahead to build a better future. We should all consider what the earth, society and people will look and act like in 2050, and create a vision for the lives we want through the upgraded Social Innovation Business.

We are welcoming GlobalLogic in the MENA region, helping us expand our business in the areas of "Digital", "Green" and “Innovation”, which must lead to our next level of business growth.

Hitachi group's combined efforts can contribute to the MENA regions' “Digital” and “Green” transformation towards creating a better future.