Digital Solutions for EV Fleets

Maximizing Energy Efficiency and Minimizing CO2 Emissions for Your Enterprise or Utility

The power generation infrastructure is decentralized, consumers are becoming prosumers, and the aging grid system is unable to accommodate this new transition. In parallel, renewables are also steadily increasing, and with the emergence of IoT, cloud and low-cost battery energy storage systems, the power system has become highly complex today. While this trend is contributing to sustainable energy production, it also helps to provide energy independence for participating stakeholders such as commercial and industrial enterprises, independent power producers, and remote communities. The challenge remaining for all stakeholders is how to adapt to this new decentralized model.

Hitachi Energy e-mesh™ helps global customers to easily transition to this new distributed energy model. From the field to the boardroom, we enable our customers to accelerate performance and stay ahead of the curve.

The e-mesh™ portfolio offers end-to-end distributed energy solutions, combining advanced analytics, software technology and hardware systems. Our microgrids and battery energy storage solutions ensure highest penetration of renewables share, increase grid stability and provide reliable power while minimizing CO2 emissions.

Hitachi Energy’s e-mesh™ digital solutions offer a niche cloud-based ecosystem with e-mesh™ monitor and e-mesh™ applications, sophisticated SaaS suites, to remotely connect, monitor and optimize the performance of assets.

The new age automation solution, built using Hitachi Energy’s proven MicroSCADA and RTU platforms, helps to monitor and control distributed energy resources. The digital offering e-mesh™ monitor and e-mesh™ applications, based on IoT technology, helps to forecast trends, optimize performance and increase revenue streams.

Solution By: Hitachi Energy Ltd.