Center for Water Management and Control (CWMC)

Improve Sustainability with Comprehensive Water Management Solutions

The MENA region is reported to be the most water scarce region in the world. Out of the 17 most water-stressed countries in the world, 11 are in the MENA region. Nearly 66 million people in the region lack basic sanitation and very low proportions of wastewater are adequately treated according to a new UNICEF report.

Hitachi helped EMEA customers like Jordan increased the water supply capacity to 250,000 m³/day and Egypt to solve the shortage of water supply capacity of an existing drinking water treatment plant.

Hitachi thinks that its well equipped to help MENA region in its five strategic objectives (Ensure, Enhance, Deliver, Safeguard and Contribute Positively). Hitachi delivers a full spectrum of water management solutions — from water quality and reduction, to smart metering, waste water management and compliance solutions, an IoT and cloud-based service for public water utilities.

Hitachi has unique capabilities to help the co-creation of a newly Center for Water Management and Control (CWMC), which is expected to become the central hub for facilitating access to relevant data and analytics to support both strategic planning and optimized operational decisions through:

  • Providing access to curated data and analytical services
  • Providing appropriate decision support services to facilitate effective water resources planning, management and operations
  • Enabling customized visualization for various users

Based on Lumada platform, a flexible Operational Intelligence system can be created, which allows:

  • Data aggregation to curate the data needed to take informed decisions
  • Creation and display of customized dashboards and geo-referenced reports accessible and consultable both by operational personnel and by technical, administrative and specialized personnel within a single physical place where both the operational management of networks and plants will be carried out
  • Performance analysis activities aimed at identifying the immediate, short and long-term interventions necessary for optimizing, planning and managing the service; making the most of the aggregated and curated data to feed AI/ML algorithm to prevent leakage or do preventive maintenance as examples
  • Constantly monitor the indicators on the regulation of the technical quality of the integrated water service and subsequent amendments and additions

Hitachi commits to deliver innovations that answer society’s water management challenges under Social Innovation Business. Through this commitment, we’re helping organizations around the world to take the proactive path to meet their water management goals.

Solution By: Hitachi Vantara