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Congested metropolitan centers have always thrived when the movement of large amounts of people and cargo proceed in harmony with each other through the city’s core.

In the Urban setting, Hitachi has focused on developing ground breaking new railway solutions via social innovation business unit initiatives and the “One Hitachi-Rail Team”. Hitachi sees transit oriented development as the key to building sustainable cities and countries. Studying trends and working with other stakeholders, Hitachi is using data to increase rail efficiency.

Total Railway Solution Provider

Hitachi Rail is one of the few railway manufacturers who can realize seamless integration throughout a project, handling all aspects of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) to Operation & Maintenance services.

Beyond delivering turnkey mass passenger transit and long distance mainline rail for freight, Hitachi-Rail has been developing highly functional solutions for signaling, telecom and power. The team is also combining digital asset management and dynamic headway & passenger management into their metro rail systems. These two management systems securitize big data trends to estimate passenger real time demand, so wait times are reduced during rush-hours and/or cultural events serviced by public transportation.

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