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Hitachi is a global manufacturer in building public infrastructure that enhances safety and comfort in everyday life. Considering the congestion and environmental challenges faced by public transport worldwide, we innovate fresh solutions that literally move our clients. From elevators and escalators to public transport options, we have the solutions for any market.


Concerns for the environment, and a desire to improve the efficiency of national transportation systems are moving more governments towards rail for mass transportation of goods and people. For almost 100 years, Hitachi has been a major supplier to the world's most demanding rail markets. Our rail product portfolio includes rolling stock, signaling equipment, traffic management systems, planning systems, traction equipment and maintenance

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Elevators and Escalators

Elevators, escalators and moving sidewalks have become a common feature of modern shopping malls, airports and other public places. Reliability is a non-negotiable feature of all our infrastructure, because a malfunction of even one hour will cause costly delays and congestion. We also take pride in our safety record, which gives our clientele full reassurance and peace of mind for their own customers' well-being.

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