High Functional Materials & Components

Chemical Materials

Through state-of-the-art development of materials for semiconductors, inorganic materials, polymer science materials, printed wiring board materials and electronics components, Hitachi Chemical group has continued to provide solutions challenging various problems and issues.

Our Material development will be accelerated to handle faster and larger volumes of Telecommunication, and to accomplish higher functions and higher definition of displays and touch panel.

Storage Battery

Our storage battery provide long life and optimized Solution along customer’s demand.

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Stationary VRLA Batteries for Power Storage (LL-series Batteries)

LL battery is a lead-acid battery developed to specialize in the repetition of charging and discharging. LL battery can store the electric power generated by photovoltaic or wind power generation, and can supply the required amount of energy to loads.

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Automotive Batteries

Our automotive batteries are capable of providing the high input, high output, and high durable characteristics required for vehicles equipped with start & stop systems or power generation control mechanisms, which are key technologies for eco-friendly cars. Besides this, various batteries are lineup.

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