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Knowledge is power, and an informed society is an empowered society. Hitachi can help your organization take the lead in the fast lane of the information highway. Whoever controls information controls the market, so we offer accurate, high-performance platform technologies to help you take advantage of the market. Our end-to-end approach covers the compilation, archiving, storage, security, sharing and mining of high-value data.

Storage Systems

Transform raw data into valuable information by making your data more accessible and simpler to manage. As the leader in storage virtualization, only Hitachi Vantara Corporation offers a central, virtualized platform for all data and information. We offer a complete portfolio of storage systems, NAS subsystems and content platforms to optimally consolidate your storage infrastructure and give you best-in-class availability and performance to meet the needs of your business applications.

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Hitachi Unified Compute
Platform Solution Family

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) family is a broad portfolio of converged infrastructure solutions. The family combines best-of-breed storage, server, networking and software management in fully integrated packages designed for mission-critical workloads.

  • Rely on comprehensive, pretested cloud-ready infrastructure that can be deployed quickly and managed easily
  • Solve the reliability, availability, scalability and performance challenges that IT organizations face
  • Run top tier infrastructure applications without over-purchasing or provisioning unnecessary equipment

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Hitachi Compute Systems

The Hitachi Compute Blade Server family meets the demanding needs of mission critical data centers with enterprise class features:

  • Hot-swap and redundant components for high availability
  • Multi-blade scaling with SMP technology
  • Optimized efficiency with hardware-based logical partitioning (LPAR)

Hitachi Compute Blade platform supports a range of blade options, and can tailor I/O capability to create a system precisely optimized for your application.

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Partnerships with Leading Networking Vendors:

  • Hitachi Vantara Corporation takes a collaborative approach to supporting the innovative and evolving technology of Storage Area Networks (SANs) by working with networking industry leaders.
  • Storage Area Networks (SANs) make large storage pools shareable across the enterprise, centralize storage management and dramatically improve storage utilization, which results in lower costs.
  • Networked storage solutions provide better performance for the applications that drive your business.

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Hitachi Universal Management Software

Universal Management Aligns to Your Business:

  • Efficiently and effectively align data and IT assets with business objectives and service levels.
  • Gain intelligence, integration and automation with the ability to control, analyze, optimize and protect data holistically and strategically.
  • Use Hitachi Command Suite to align your storage assets to business needs.

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Hitachi File And Content Solutions

Reduce Cost, Complexity and Manage Growth:

  • Stop struggling to keep up with the growth of unstructured data, stay within budget, optimize investments and deliver the necessary services quickly.
  • Reduce the cost of storing and protecting data, consolidate silos to streamline management, mitigate data risk, and make IT more agile.
  • Take advantage of our integrated file and content portfolio to help your enterprise better manage the proliferation of your unstructured data.

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