Social Infrastructure: Industrial Systems
Supporting Daily Life and Manufacturing

Social infrastructure includes the essentials for safety and comfort in everyday life: water, energy, air conditioning, industry, and more. Hitachi puts its long history of experience to use in providing secure, reliable solutions with a special emphasis on suitability for a low-carbon society.

Water Environment Solutions

In processes like water treatment and pumps for drinking water, the risks of using anything less than the very best systems are extremely high. Hitachi stands out by offering the best-of-breed systems covering water treatment systems, pumps and industrial equipment. Hitachi's systems find diverse uses in power stations, irrigation, sewage treatment and water purification or desalination projects.

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Air Compressors (Oil & Gas | Petrochemical | Industrial)

There is no job too big or too complex for Hitachi's compressor range -- whether it is the reciprocating type (Bebicon | Piston ), screw type (Oil Flooded | Oil-Free Screw), scroll compressor, centrifugal compressor or booster compressor as well as auxiliary equipment parts. Our compressors come with the same reassuring quality guarantees the world has come to expect from Hitachi. Despite over 100 years of air compressor experience, we still place emphasis on technology innovation and production development to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

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Plant (Chemical | Medical)

Hitachi is a big believer in 'Smart Manufacturing', which means that products manufactured at any plant match the quality standards of the plant itself. Therefore we ensure that innovation is included right from the construction of the plant, with a full range of technologies geared for diverse industries. As the complexity of manufacturing increases, the simplicity of our technologies also increases.

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Industrial Equipment Systems

Hitachi’s advanced industrial components and equipment are widely used in diverse industrial fields including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, and steel manufacturing. Our extensive range of industrial components and equipment include AC drives and inverters, air conditioning and refrigeration components, industrial control systems and products, hoists, amorphous transformers, and others.

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Social nnovation Business
Co-creating a better tomorrow

Social Innovation Busines in Industrial Systems