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Hitachi High-Technologies

Hitachi High-Technologies is a pioneering company that combines integrated manufacturing and trading functions to formulate cutting-edge results. The company assists customers in growing their business through the collaborative creation of specialization and personalization solutions. This approach creates innovative value and provides the consumer with a unique brand. The Group aims to be a world leader in the following high-tech areas: Electronic Device Systems, Science & Medical systems, Fine Technology Systems, Industrial & IT Systems and Advanced Industrial Products.

Semi-Conductor Manufacturing Equipment

Our semi-conductor manufacturing equipment has been tried and tested by some of the world's industrial heavyweight companies. Put your own ambition to the test by rising to the next level of quality with our Dry Etch | Assembly & Surface Mount | Metrology & Inspection systems. They come with the same tried and trusted quality guarantee that the world has come to expect from Hitachi.

Etch, CD-SEM and Defect Inspection Systems.

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Science & Medical Systems

Enjoy a masterpiece of technological workmanship with Hitachi's top-of- the-range analyzers and inspection systems. From our Clinical Analyzer to our high performance Liquid Chromatograph | Amino Acid Analyzer, you are guaranteed excellent quality. All this gives your company the springboard to aim for a greater market positioning through better quality control.

Analytical Systems