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Hitachi Inverter French Bottom Freezer Refrigerator series

Jan, 2013

It is known that Hitachi offers the best technology to its consumers. Refrigerators by Hitachi are widely known for its state-of-the-art features and stylish designs. The new series is no different; in fact consumers can expect even more!

Built with the ‘Tomorrow Together’ philosophy in mind, the Hitachi Inverter French Bottom Freezer Refrigerators series is powered by Hitachi's Innovative Inverter Technology, equipped with an Inverter and Dual Fan cooling system that cools each compartment independently and efficiently. Hitachi is known for its energy efficient innovations in the market as it provides 25% less energy consumption compared with the usual pre-set electronically controlled refrigerators.

This series is designed with a sleek looking bottom freezer and comes with a French door design. Additional features include the Smart-Open Vegetable Compartment, Touch Screen Controller and Selectable Mode Compartment

The new Smart-Open Vegetable Compartment is designed for easy storage of bigger fruits and vegetables with its unique drawer structure. Designed for comfort, you can access the Smart-Open Vegetable Compartment without needing to bend too low for easy reach. Keeping vegetables fresher for a longer time is the Nano Titanium Filter that eliminates 99% of bacteria and prevents transfer of odour.

Enjoy various operations with a gentle touch on the Touch Screen Controller as this series also comes with a selectable mode compartment. This selectable mode provides you an easy way to switch between the ‘Vegetable’ mode for efficient cooling of fruits and vegetables and the ‘Dairy/Meat’ mode if you have mainly dairy and meat to be stored. This series is available in 3 colours for those interior conscious consumers looking for a functional yet incredibly stylish refrigerator.

Available in 2 models R-WB550 and R-WB480 with color choice of Glass Silver, Glass Black and Glass Brown.

Hitachi Group products awarded “iF Product Design Award 2013”

- - Cyclonic vacuum cleaner and LCD projector --

Tokyo, December 18, 2012 - Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE:6501, “Hitachi”), Hitachi Appliances, Inc. (“Hitachi Appliance”) and Hitachi Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd. (“Hitachi Consumer Electronics”), today announced that Hitachi Appliance’s cyclonic vacuum cleaner for the overseas market and Hitachi Consumer Electronics’ LCD projector have been awarded the “iF Product Design Award 2013 ”by iF International Forum Design GmbH(Hannover, Germany).

The “iF Design Award”, one of the most renowned international design awards, was established in 1953 in Germany, the birthplace of modern design. Evaluation criteria include not only design quality and innovation but also functionality, ergonomics and quality control, etc. assessing the total quality of products. The Award which has three categories: iF Product Design Award, iF Communication Design Award and iF Packaging Design Award, covers a broad range of products. This year 4,352 entries from 51 countries and regions worldwide were accepted and 1,410 products were awarded.

The cyclonic vacuum cleaner “CV-SU” series for the overseas market which received this year’s award features high suction power despite its compact size, and employs “infrared remote control” in the panel located on the grip to enable suction power control and ON/OFF. The original Multi-angle Head* which can rotate90 degrees left or right, allows corners along walls and crevices to be easily vacuumed, and an easy maintenance dust case which does not require the operator to come into contact with the vacuumed dust was also employed. A sheer finish was applied to the sculptured body emanating high quality design.

*The Multi-angle Head is employed in the “CV-SU23V”, “CV-SU22V” and “CV-SU21V” models.

The LCD projector “8000 series”, which also received the 2013 iF Product Design Award, is a high luminance model which is able to project high definition images onto a big screen without turning down the lights in a large conference hall. Currently, there are seven models for the overseas market and five models for domestic use in Japan. The design layout of components was thoroughly reviewed to ensure easy maintenance as well as ease of installation through a slimmer more compact body with a height of 135mm. In the 5,000+ lumen class, the design is thinnest of its kind and blends easily into the environment. The “8000 series” allows the audience to concentrate on the high quality images being projected while providing the user with an easily installed, operated and easy maintenance projector.

About Hitachi, Ltd.

Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a leading global electronics company with approximately 320,000 employees worldwide. Fiscal 2011 (ended March 31, 2012) consolidated revenues totaled 9,665 billion yen ($117.8 billion). Hitachi is focusing more than ever on the Social Innovation Business, which includes information and telecommunication systems, power systems, industrial, transportation and urban development systems, as well as the sophisticated materials and key devices that support them.For more information on Hitachi, please visit the company's website at


June, 2012

Hitachi Consumer Marketing Inc. Middle East Office launched new Ultra Big2 Series, the biggest-ever Hitachi 2-door refrigerator allows you to store plenty of food, so there’s no worry if you bulk buy or purchase too much. Better still the wide interior lets you easily store big items and large dishes that provide convenience and ease use to the consumer.

With its cutting-edge, two Innovative Technologies, With Hitachi’s new cooling system, the inverter adjust cooling power over a wide range changing the amount of chilled air generated inside as required. The two dedicated fans of Dual Fan Cooling then deliver’s the chilled air to each of the compartments. In this way, the new cooling systems provide optimum cooling at all time.

The Ultra Big2 series refrigerator is one of the most energy efficient innovations in the market as it provides 10 per cent more cooling power and also reduces energy consumption. Through a combination of its unique low-floor design and compact evaporator, the innovation offers an amazingly large storage making it an ideal match for modern kitchen interiors.

It is also empowered with advanced features like big moisture-guard vegetable compartment that offers ultra LARGE storage capacity, Selectable Mode Compartment, flexible layout even more convenience, provide easy way to switch between Dairy/Meant and Vegetable modes, Eco-Thermo Sensor that detects temperature changes inside the refrigerator.

Available in 2 models R-V910 (700L), and R-V720 (600L) with color choice of STS, TWH,SLS

Hitachi Big French Inverter Series

June, 2012

Hitachi Consumer Marketing Inc. Middle East Office, launched the stylish and intelligent, Big French Inverter Series of the Big French Series Refrigerator range. The Big French Inverter Series is a New Wave Line Design that comes equipped with the energy conserving inverter technology and Dual Fan Cooling feature which is not only an energy saving model but also provides more powerful and efficient cooling with its individually dedicated fans for the refrigerator and freezer.

It Is empowered with features like Eco Thermo Sensor and Electronic Control. The Eco Thermo Sensor detects temperature changes inside the refrigerator and the microcomputer provides optimum cooling for efficient operation at all times. In addition, the Electronic Control feature optimum operation allows the reduction of wasted energy consumption, hence, providing consumers a world class energy saving model and ultimately reducing electricity usage.

To enhance consumer’s quality of life the R-W720F also comes with the Real Nanotechnology Purification System that provides a powerful antibacterial, anti-mold and deodorizing effect.

Super Spacious, wider by 78cm Interior for Unprecedented Storage Capacity. It comes with 2 colors Glass Black (GBK) and Glass Gold (GGL)

Deodorizing Air Purifier

June, 2012

Hitachi also unveiled a series of remote controlled made in Japan air purifier products, the EP-A7000, EP-A6000, EP-A5000, EP-A3000 that delivers exceptional deodorizing and air purifying performance. These models come with Hitachi’s unique ProActive Filtration System that captures a wide range of odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air and it covers a room size of 25m² to 50m². In addition to that, it also features the Allergen-Free HEPA Filter that purifies the air by suppressing the activities of airborne viruses and bacteria.


June, 2012

Hitachi Consumer Marketing Inc. Middle East Office launched new “Big Drum 510 Series” front load washing machine with the Dual Vibration Control System, Hitachi’s unique, quite, anti-shake washing machines transmit hardly any vibrations and noise, with 4-Ply Liquid Load Balancer, that helps the drum become balance, if the items in the drum become unevenly balanced, the liquid inside the 4-ply chamber moves to the opposite side of the load to offset the imbalance. Making the drum better balanced in this way dramatically reduce vibration. Moreover, it has a 3D Vibration Sensor and Revolution Sensor that detects drum vibrations in three dimensions. At the same time, the Revolution Sensor constantly monitor drum rotation speeds and controls it based on information provided by the 3D Vibration Sensor.

Hitachi washing machine “Big Drum 510 Series” comes with Advanced Direct Drive Inverter, enables a further reduction in noise and energy demands. The big drum rotates at high speed so the centrifugal coefficient is high, which enables thorough spin-drying in short time. With its, Intelligent Sensor Systems for Eco-Friendly Operation, that detect laundry size, fabric type and water temperature and then control the method of washing to maximize energy and water saving. When the washing machine finishes operating, the power is automatically switched off, so there’s no need to switch the power manually.

For extra convenience the door opens, 180º and 33cm diameter, so it doesn’t get in the way when you load and unload items. It comes with Child Lock to prevent accidental operation by children, this disable the operation button and dial, and also locks the door.

Hitachi invites you to experience new washing machine ‘Big Drum 510 Series” that comes up with 3 categories, DD inverter (BD-W80MV), Advanced Eco (BD-W70MAE), Sensor Plus (BD-W70MSP).

Hitachi Unveils New Range of Environmentally Friendly Home Appliances Products in UAE

May, 2012

Hitachi Consumer Marketing Inc. Middle East Office along with Eros Group, a leading distributor in United Arab Emirates and Partner of Hitachi of more than 40 years, unveiled the Biggest-Ever 2-Door Refrigerator, Big French Inverter Series, Big Drum 510 Series Front Load Washing Machine and Made in Japan Air Purifiers, in UAE.

Hitachi is committed toward bringing the latest and finest products to its consumer in Middle East. With its each cutting-edge technology that will truly believe in inspiring others to live a good life.

Hitachi Split Room Air Conditioners with a New Cooling Experience

March, 2012

Hitachi Consumer Middle East Office today launches a new tropical type room air conditioner that continues to provide us a cooling experience even with ambient temperature of up to 55 degrees Celsius. This new series is available from 1.5 up to 2.5 cooling tones capacity and comes with a new modern indoor chassis design that provides the following innovations:

  • 20% bigger air inlet for smoother airflow (less resistance for air intake)
  • 54% larger area on the Super big louver for better air distribution
  • 11% increase in fan diameter for higher airflow even at low rotation speed

Hitachi new room air conditioners not only provide a new cooling experience but also bring value added health benefits to the users. It introduces the new air refreshing system called the “Nano Titanium Wasabi Air Purifying Filter”. Wasabi is often seen in Japanese restaurants offering sushi and sashimi and is well known for its sinus clearing spicy taste. The pungent component of wasabi too has a strong anti-bacterial effect. The new Nano Titanium Wasabi Air Purification system is a cutting-edge technology that uses a Wasabi modified Nano Titanium catalyst to provide a powerful:

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-mold
  • Anti-allergen and
  • Deodorizing benefits

Customer safety has always been Hitachi’s top priority. Hitachi prides itself on meeting the highest international manufacturing standards and insists on using 100% metal housing to enclose and seal tightly its electrical and electronic components. This ensures there is virtually no possibility of fire spreading and thus not posing any safety hazard to our consumers.

Today Hitachi continues to be the reliable partner in achieving better living and greater heights Tomorrow, Together

Semi-Automatic (Twin Tub) Washing Machine model PS-140MJ Deal with large laundry pile as on demand

September, 2011

Hitachi Consumer Middle East Office has launched the new Twin Tub machine that pampers housewives who have to deal with laundry pile. By lunching 2-tub washing machines, semi-automatic model of PS-140MJ with large tub that supports up to 14 kg of washing allows for clean clothing, bed sheet and quilt that used in one week by washing in one time. Moreover, added the new features and technology which are Sensor Lock Safety System, the exclusive technology from Hitachi that detects rotation speed whenever accessing a rotating spin tub. The big wave paddle, Beat Blade helps to create a strong water flow in a spinning clothes, move around and clean more effectively. Comfortable with a wash board that allows you to wash specific areas that cannot do regular washing such as stains on the shirt collar and cuff.stain on the apronand the dirt on socks. Also help your clothes dry faster with high-speed dry ‘Air Jet Dry’that help pull air from outside into the dry tub through the vents of the lid. Spin faster, Dry faster, No worry even in the rainy day.

Ensure durability of stainless steel body and the plastic base that helps to prevent corrosion from exposure to water at the base. And greater confidence with high quality motors. Get all the hard work with Hitachi motor guarantee and 10-year long.

Hitachi invites you to prove the convenience of laundry pile. 2-tubsemi-automatic washing machine model of the Hitachi PS-140MJ that available in White and Dark Gray at every store today.

Hitachi Washing Machine, Sparkle Beat Series Design for Higher Detergency

June, 2011

Hitachi Consumer Middle East Office has launched new washing machine with larger tub that supports up to 14 kg of washing allows for clean clothing to market. Helps you to deal with laundry pile or large piece of quilt easily with the innovative feature of ‘Beat Drum’ and ‘Beat Blade’ that eliminate ingrained dirt and stain has a more powerful.

Hitachi washing machine ‘Sparkle Beat series’ comes with fully smart technology of ‘Intelligent Spin’, that allows you to select the spin round up to 3 levels of the different types of fabrics. The ‘Tangle-Free Finish’ that helps you to untangle the clothes after dry spin ended. Not only cutting-edge new technology, Sparkle Beat washing machine was redesigned for beauty and ease of use with a simple control panel. Just only one touch for ‘ECO’ mode, your clothes will be cleaned with energy saved. New Hitachi washing machine ‘Sparkle Beat’ comes up with choices of cool gray and white in every store near your house.

Hitachi Inverter Side by Side Refrigerator

April, 2011

Hitachi Consumer Marketing Middle East Office Committed to the prevention of global warming, the conservation of resources and the preservation of the ecosystem, Hitachi once again redefines ecology with the new Inverter Side-by-Side Refrigerator model R-M700GPMS. Being the First Inverter Side-by-Side to be awarded with an excellent 4-tick energy efficient rating, it adds onto the brand’s accolades of 4-tick labels of energy efficient Front Jet Freeze refrigerator series.

Being the world leader in cooling and eco-friendly products, Hitachi’s innovative Inverter technology enables an optimum energy saving operation that plays a vital role in reducing environmental impact. The Intelligent Inverter Compressor comes with a 7-step cooling power setting. Its multiple sensors monitor the temperature of each compartment as well as the ambient temperature to optimize cooling power with its 7 settings. Highest energy efficiency, durability and low vibration and noise are achieved with the Hitachi R-M700GP to provide you with a comfortable, eco- friendly environment.

Hitachi’s Minus-Zero Cooling panel provides uniform radiation cooling inside the refrigerator to ensure moisture and nutritional values are retained in the food longer. Crushed Ice and clean water is available easily with just one simple touch from the door panel. No plumbing is required with its large 4-litre water tank. Just pour clean water into the tank, and cold water and ice will be automatically made for you. All compartments are brightly lit with Xenon lamps for energy saving efficiency.

The R-M700GP is also an elegant beauty, with its Deluxe Mirror Finish.

Hitachi Refrigerator RT Series

March, 2011

Hitachi Consumer Marketing Middle East Office launched a two-door refrigerator with new full intelligence. With the new Eco Thermo Sensor and Electronic Control that detects temperature changes inside the refrigerator, and then the microcomputer provides optimum cooling for efficient operation at all times.

World Class Energy Saving Operation
Previous models without the Electric Control couldn’t keep up the constant changing temperature, causing fluctuation and energy wasted. But now, with new range of Hitachi refrigerators equipped with the Electric Control, optimum operation is achieved to reduce wasted energy consumption, providing you a world class energy saving and lover electricity.

Hitachi’s innovative Convertible Compartment lets you switch between chiller mode and vegetable cooling depending on where you locate the compartment in the refrigerator. So you can customize your refrigerator as desired to match your lifestyle and needs. And it’s easy to move and set in place.

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