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Microwave’s Features

Superheated Steam

Cook Healthy Meals Using Superheated Steam

Superheated Steam Reduces Excess Fat, Thus Reducing Calories

Grilled chicken with herbs
Reduce calories by approx. 39%

Fried chicken
Reduce calories by approx. 21%

Superheated Steam Mechanism

Superheated steam is generated by instantaneously reheating 100°C steam.
It contains approximately 11x more thermal energy than a conventional oven’s hot air.

Steam generated in the boiler is heated
immediately by the high-temperature heater.
Note: MRO-AS7E generates superheated steam differently.

Pooled water in the container is heated by the heater.

How Superheated Steam Reduces Calories

When cooking meat, ultrafine and high-temperature superheated steam immediately envelops the meat. At this moment, the high thermal energy of the superheated steam quickly gets inside the meat and melts fat. This highly liquid fat is forced to the surface of the meat where it drips off together with water created by the difference in the meat's inner and outer temperatures. As a result, superheated steam achieves significant calorie reduction compared to typical pan cooking.

Triple Weight Sensor

Hitachi Original MRO-AV200E and MRO-AV100E only.

About the Triple Weight Sensor

The Triple Weight Sensor weighs food and optimum temperature and cooking time are set automatically.
The sensor also uses a three-point measuring system to detect the position of food, allowing precise focusing of microwaves for more efficient reheating. Although temperature inside the oven is high after use, auto cooking can still be performed thanks to the Triple Weight Sensor.

Reheating Two Dishes At the Same Time

You can reheat two dishes at the same time. The sensor detects the weight of each dish and focuses more microwaves at the heavier one.
・ A single serving of food is approximately 100 to 300g. As a rough guide, make sure the servings are within 0.7 to 1.3 the weight of each other. Use a setting that corresponds to the type of food you are reheating. If the two foods do not correspond to this setting, you can reheat manually, keeping an eye on the food as it heats.

Super Grill Tray Unit MRO-AV200E only.

Use auto cooking to weigh and grill food. This convenient function first weighs food then adjusts cooking temperature and time accordingly.
For example, if you want to add two more hamburger patties to two that you are preparing to cook, the cooking temperature and time are recalculated based on the new weight.

The microwave heating element is at the back of the super grill tray unit.
This allows food on the unit to be cooked at high temperature from the bottom.

High Heat Oven/Grill

Max 300°C Heater Oven/Grill

Enjoy expert, oven-cooked dishes such as roast chicken, homemade bread, pizza and sweets thanks to the high heat, dual-level airflow and large 33-liter capacity.

MRO-AV200E: Max. 300°C, MRO-AV100E: Max. 250°C
MRO-AS7E: Max. 250°C (22-liter capacity)

Far Infrared
Convection Oven

Far infrared rays generated by the far infrared black coating and ceramic tray envelop food to evenly and quickly cook it.

2 Shelves Oven MRO-AV200E and MRO-AV100E only.

Cook multiple dishes at one time thanks to the dual-level interior and large metal oven trays.

Two pieces of pizza
(26cm in diameter)

24 pieces of roll bread

Optimize Cooking According to Type of Food

Auto Menu Employs a Combination of Five Heating Methods to Produce Delicious Dishes.

Example: Grilled chicken with herbs

Heat chicken inside first by microwave to melt excess fat. Increase oven temperature while heating.

Excess fat and salt rise to the surface of the chicken and are removed with condensed water.

Far infrared direct heat grills the surface of the chicken just like char-grilling, maintaining the savory flavor and making the surface crispy.

A Variety of Recipes

Bundled with full-color recipe book in English, Chinese and Thai.

Japanese & Western Specialties

Skewered Chicken

Chicken Teriyaki


Fried Chicken


Apple Pie

Soft Pudding

Asia & Middle East Specialties

Spicy Prawn Rolls

Fish in Spicy
Tamarind Gravy

Spicy Fish Grilled in
Banana leaves

Spicy Bean Soup

Masala Chicken

Fish Kabsa

Stuffed Zucchini

Tom Yam Goong

Baked Crab with
Vermicelli in Clay Pot

Steamed Pomfret with
Pickled Plum

Casserole Stewed Duck

Won Ton Soup