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Hitachi in MENA


Medical / Health Care

Hitachi utilizes its technological expertise to provide advanced equipment, systems and services in the field of life science, including advanced medical research.

Medical / Health Care / Pharmaceutical

MRI System

Advanced functionality, designability, operability and further ahead. The next generation MRI designed in full consideration of the operator and patient.

CT System

Specifications and system configurations most suited to the examination items and installation space available at each institution are proposed.

Ultrasound Diagnostic System

A product line-up and related applications are ready for responding to high professionalism and diversified ways of use.

Radiography and Fluoroscopy System

Image processing technology specifically developed by Hitachi is proposed to a line-up of popular types up to multi-purpose systems.

Mobile X-ray System

High performance and operability have been pursued.


General Radiography System

Compact but yet stable X-ray output is realized. A wide range of output line-up allows providing systems matched to the needs.

Surgical X-ray System

Floating C-arm specifically designed by Hitachi allows easy positioning and reduction of operation time and radiation exposure.

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