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Hitachi in MENA

Hitachi has injected a healthy dose of innovation in the medical, welfare and wellness industry. As the medical industry becomes increasingly technology driven, choosing the right medical equipment can be a life-saving decision. We are helping to increase the life expectancy and quality of life through systems that don't just focus on treatment but also prevention. We passionately believe that knowledge is the best medicine, and our smart systems instantly put information at the fingertips of decision makers. Despite our technological expertise, people are our most important asset, so we are helping to create a healthier, happier and more vibrant society.

Medical / Healthcare / Pharmaceutical

MRI System

The brand name 'Hitachi' is now a symbol of next-generation inventiveness, and we touch countless lives daily through our hi-tech MRI system. Offering advanced functionality, flexibility and sensitivity, this high-performance system helps medical professionals get the most accurate results and therefore save patients' lives faster. With sensational image quality and greater comfort for patients, as well as super-conductive technologies that have been developed for years, this system is no longer the 'tomorrow's next big thing' but today's big thing.

CT System

A CT system is now a must for any serious medical institution. Hitachi provides an extremely high level of detail and imaging for top facilities. Our CT system balances high image quality with low exposure, and high speed scanning with low maintenance requirements. The specifications and system configurations are easily adapted to the examination and installation requirements of various institutions.

Ultrasound Diagnostic System

Nowadays an ultra-sound scan is an inseparable part of medical examinations for cardiovascular, pre-natal, OB | GYN, veterinary and other purposes. However, Hitachi understands that a doctor's diagnosis is only as accurate as the information at his disposal. That's why we have engineered a full range of ultra-sound diagnostic equipment for use in general and specialist institutions.

Radiography and Fluoroscopy System

Since the 1920s, radiography has become a life-saving tool in medical diagnosis and treatment, expanding its uses from X-Rays to radiation therapy for cancer and more. Hitachi has been pushing the boundaries of innovation to make our radiography and fluoroscopy as sophisticated as possible. Having pioneered image-processing technology, Hitachi has developed an all-in-one line-up of multi-purpose systems.

Mobile X-ray System

The more mobile an X-Ray system is, the faster and easier it can be moved to where it is urgently needed most within the hospital. Our mobile X-Ray system is strong yet sensitive, making it incredibly accurate and detailed in its imaging, while also absorbing the pressures of being regularly moved around the hospital. Its high performance and superior operability make it a favorite choice among top medical professionals.

General Radiography System

Compact yet complex, Hitachi's General Radiography system is versatile enough to be used for a variety of purposes in a variety of institutions. It delivers a wide range of stable X-Ray output, matching various systems to the needs of the patients or operators. If used widely, this system could give health sectors worldwide the upper hand in preventing and treating critical health conditions.