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Hitachi in MENA

Hitachi's portfolio in power covers the full range of power generation, distribution and energy saving solutions. From power generation components and systems to power control equipments, Hitachi always scores the highest in power supply reliability and efficiency, ensuring constant supply for all end users. Whether conventional or renewable energy, we prove that 'less is more' by ensuring maximum efficiency in all power applications. Our philosophy of being eco-conscious not only helps to save our planet, but also saves our clients' budgets.


Power Generation / Transmission

Across the world, Hitachi has built an ever-growing reputation as a supplier of total power system solutions. Hitachi has extensive experience in this field through its supply of highly reliable Nuclear Power Plants, Photovoltaic Power Generation System, Transmission and Distribution Systems, and other products throughout the world.


Industrial System

In processes like water treatment and pumps for drinking water, the risks of using anything less than the very best systems are extremely high. Hitachi stands out by offering the best-of-breed systems covering water treatment systems, pumps and industrial equipment. Hitachi's systems find diverse uses in power stations, irrigation, sewage treatment and water purification or desalination projects.

Air Compressors (Oil & Gas | Petrochemical | Industrial)

There is no job too big or too complex for Hitachi's compressor range -- whether it is the reciprocating type (Bebicon | Piston ), screw type (Oil Flooded | Oil-Free Screw), scroll compressor, centrifugal compressor or booster compressor as well as auxiliary equipment parts. Our compressors come with the same reassuring quality guarantees the world has come to expect from Hitachi. Despite over 100 years of air compressor experience, we still place emphasis on technology innovation and production development to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Plant (Chemical | Medical)

Hitachi is a big believer in 'smart manufacturing', which means that products manufactured at any plant match the quality standards of the plant itself. Therefore we ensure that innovation is included right from the construction of the plant, with a full range of technologies geared for diverse industries. As the complexity of manufacturing increases, the simplicity of our technologies also increases.

Industrial Ink Jet Printers

In an era where printing quality is greater than ever before, we keep you at the forefront of next generation Ink Jet Printers that can handle massive industrial capacity. Our series includes the RX2, RX, PXR and PB model. Hitachi Ink Jet Printers are high quality, robust printers intended for industrial applications. The printer's mode of operation is based on the Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) principle. Our products are used for date coding, product marking and variable printing onto products used in everyday life.

Rope Hoist & Electric Chain Hoist

For general or other engineering projects where heavy loads must be lifted safely and accurately, we offer wide selection of Rope Hoist, including explosion proof hoist. In addition to standard models, we also offer hoist accessories according to your needs and applications. We also have Electric Chain Hoists that are specialized for the Asia and European market. All our Rope Hoists and Chain Hoists fully satisfy the ISO 9000 and ISO 14001 standards of quality.


When it comes to Factory Automation, General Industry and HVAC applications within construction projects, Hitachi’s hi-tech inverters ensure reliable performance and maximum flexibility.

NE-S1 Series: This simple to use inverter can be easily run, stopped and reset with just one button. The NE-S1 is designed with both OEM's and System Integrators needs in mind with its ultra-compact design and integration in most applications.

WJ200 Series: This inverter is ideal for a wide range of applications and comes with an integrated auto-tuning function and sensor less vector control that realizes high starting torque of 200% or greater.

X200 Series: Whether you need pumping or fanning functions for your project, this inverter is highly efficient and comes with an EMC filter.

SJ700 Series: For major projects that demand maximum performance and accuracy, this inverter gives you revolution control and optimal torque even on high loads. It can easily handle complex applications, and can be conveniently linked to a variety of networks.

SJ700B Series: This inverter offers greatly improved performance and functions. It can be reliably used in a wide variety of applications.


In 1910, Hitachi became the first manufacturer of industrial electric motors in Japan, and we have been pioneers ever since. Our products range from the smallest micro-motors to the world's largest motors. Through Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), we have designed Electric Motors with soundless operation and low vibration. Our Single Phase Motor delivers high engine performance, compact size, efficient ventilation, reliable switch and high temperature resistance. Meanwhile our lightweight Three Phase Motor has aluminum alloy strength, high performance lead wire, the high cooling efficiency and heat resistance. Our Submersible Motor is ideal for pumping operations such as municipal water services, large-scale agricultural irrigation and water supply for buildings. It offers many years of dependable service, and you can choose either the Canned or Watertight Insulated Wire options. Using our century of experience, we have designed our Gear Motor to be even smaller, lighter, stronger, quieter and cleaner than other alternatives on the market, with both our CA and GA series.

Programmable Logic Controllers

The EH-150 programmable logic controller incorporates the most advanced technologies in its compact body. With its high performance and high functions, the EH-150 positively meets the new needs of the small and medium-sized control systems. Micro-EH is an all-in-one type PLC paced with powerful functions and it delivers various useful functions for small automation process.

Switches & Circuit Breakers

In any electrical engineering project, the quality of the switches and circuit breakers determines the safety of the entire site. Hitachi protects lives and property through Distribution Systems that offer Short Circuit protection at Low Voltages. Our Molded Case Circuit Breakers are easy to install and easy to adapt, while also reducing the cost of the control panel. Our Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers have advanced technology that ensures reliability, high performance and easy handling in a minimal size. Our Miniature Circuit Breakers protect households and commercial properties from overload and short circuits. They offer excellent instant tripping, and can be used for a wide range of current surges and loads. Meanwhile our Air Circuit Breakers offer excellent breaking capacities, advanced features and smaller frames that allow you to design the volume panels that best suit your needs. Our Magnetic Starters and Contactors offer very high safety by preventing careless operation, as well as easy maintenance and inspection, easy wiring and high reliability in absorbing surges.