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Hitachi in MENA

Not all electronic devices are created equal. Hitachi designs the most leading-edge parts and devices, ranging from the smallest industrial cameras to the largest broadcast cameras and semi-conductor manufacturing equipment and everything in between. The manufacturing industry has generated massive demand for advanced devices that will make the manufacturing process more time-efficient and cost-efficient. Hitachi meets this need by developing state-of-the-art cameras, analyzers, inspection systems, semi-conductors and materials ranging from cables to magnetic wires.

Electronic Devices / Semiconductors

Broadcast / Industrial Camera

Seeing is believing, and Hitachi's broadcast and industrial cameras simply have to be seen to be believed. Whether you are filming for external media or for internal surveillance purposes, we have just the right camera for you. Enjoy crystal clear images, clear audio, simpler editing, better storage and many other benefits with Hitachi's camera family.

Analyzers/Inspections Systems

Enjoy a masterpiece of technological workmanship with Hitachi's top-of-the-range analyzers and inspection systems. From our Clinical Analyzer to our high performance Liquid Chromatograph | Amino Acid Analyzer, you are guaranteed excellent quality. All this gives your company the springboard to aim for a greater market positioning through better quality control.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Our semi-conductor manufacturing equipment has been tried and tested by some of the world's industrial heavyweight companies. Put your own ambition to the test by rising to the next level of quality with our Dry Etch | Assembly & Surface Mount | Metrology & Inspection systems. They come with the same tried and trusted quality guarantee that the world has come to expect from Hitachi.


Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings for General Use

Our Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings are well-known and trusted, with the "Gourd" logo being a symbol of precise threads and graceful shape. All our iron pipe fittings are carefully tested and undergo intense quality inspection to ensure they meet not only industry standards but also our own very high Hitachi standards. In addition, our products meet all low-lead requirements and fulfill all health, safety and environmental standards.

Tooling, Tool Steel, Mold & Die

The quality of any project depends on the quality of the tools, and Hitachi gets you off to a flying start with high-end tooling, tool steel, mold and die products that have become the industry benchmark. Unlike most tool steel used in various molds which does not have isotropic mechanical processes, Hitachi has solved many of the direction-related problems and weaknesses. The result is malleable isotropic tool steel that has the same properties in all directions.

Construction Material / Piping Equipment

High quality piping equipment is now out of the pipeline, with Hitachi's offerings for gas lines and waterworks, as well as a range of construction material. Our piping equipment eliminates the inconvenience of making custom trims manually, leaving all the edges perfectly aligned and saving valuable time. Hitachi offers a wide range of options for the material industry, engineered to the same high standards as all our construction materials.