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Hitachi in MENA

In the construction industry, any equipment breakdown that causes a delay of even a single day can lead to a financial disaster. That's why we develop and design the strongest and most reliable equipment range with the longest service life. We offer maximum flexibility through a wide range of choices of machinery models, sizes and features for even the biggest and most complex construction projects. Our multi-tasking machines are user-friendly and easy to maintain. This provides project directors and managers the peace of mind to plan ahead knowing that the Hitachi Brand design will always perform as expected.

Construction Machinery


When you dig deep down to unearth the secret of why Hitachi excavators are so popular, the answer is refreshingly simple: reliability. Our excavators perform in some of the harshest, most extreme conditions from the hottest deserts to frozen thunders around the globe. Hitachi excavators will successfully perform under extreme conditions ensuring good productivity and profitability.

Medium Excavators

They might be 'medium' in size, but Hitachi excavators are 'extra large' in toughness, flexibility and usability. Built to move mountains and designed with acrobat-like flexibility, these intelligent beasts are a pleasure to operate and a joy to maintain. It's no wonder that Hitachi excavators have become a site standard of excellence creating some of the world's greatest architectural wonders.

Large Excavators / Loading Shovels

Engineered to perform, built to last and driven to excel, Hitachi's large hydraulic excavators are the benchmark of quality in mining sites worldwide. When it comes to head-to-head performance comparisons, these excavating giants will succeed below the earth's surface in mining sites to above the surface redesigning the landscape of our planet. The Hitachi Advanced Pressure Functions take the pressure off of project directors and investors worldwide. The tireless work ethic of any Hitachi product ranks the Brand as the undisputed market leader.

Hitachi EX1900-6 helps excavate 30 million cubic meters of hard gravel from Qatar's New Port amidst tough working conditions.

Overcoming the extreme climatic and geological conditions, the tight schedule and the shipping and assembly requirements of the excavators, Hitachi EX1900 – 6 helps Gulf Earth Moving to excavate 30 million cubic meters of gravel at Qatar’s New Port.

Cranes & Foundation Machines

Precision engineering comes alive in the massive yet precise metallic beasts from Hitachi Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Crane Co., Ltd. From crawler cranes, wheeled cranes, to attachments: earth drills, pile drivers, casing drivers, you name it and we've got it. Operator safety features are always a top priority. Hitachi Sumitomo Cranes proudly provides a safe, adaptable, and durable operator's cab throughout its product line-up.

Wheel Loaders

Hitachi Wheel Loaders are the easiest to operate making the novice operator look like a pro! These user-friendly machines are trusted globally for getting the job done with no delays, no mess and no fuss. And mind you, the next generation is on its way! Hitachi Construction Machinery, Reliable Solution.

Stories of Technology - Excavator Version

View the video about development history of Hitachi excavator (Link to YouTube Hitachi Brand Channel)
Hitachi Construction Machinery (HCM) excavators are at work worldwide, mainly in the emerging nations.HCM has constantly improved its technology enabling it to create a wide range of outstanding products.