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At present, Hitachi Automotive Systems supplies various products related “Engine management systems”, ”Electric powertrain systems”, “Drive control systems” and “Car information systems” to major vehicle manufactures. In parallel, we deliver automotive components to aftermarket globally.

In the MENA market, our aftermarket are available through local distributor across. They include the widely-used and well-known “TOKICO” brand shock absorber and “PARAUT” brand engine parts/mechanical parts. (including ignition coils, air flow sensors and starter motors) and “Hitachi” brake pads.

In the Mid-Term Plan, Hitachi Automotive Systems plans to work more closely with the customers of MENA market to provide competitive models to satisfy consumer demands.

Shock Absorber

We provide safe and high quality Shock absorber (Hydraulic type, Gas type with twin tube and Coil over type), and Strut assembly. Shock Absorber makes comfortable riding under severe driving conditions, due to TOKICO‘s unique rebound and compression control with our own disc valve design.

Brake Pad

Brake Pad is to generate breaking power by squeezing revolving rotor which combines with wheel. Squeezing power goes to break pedal → booster → master cylinder → caliper. Piston in caliper is to be pushed by brake fluid, and it pushes to Brake Pad. Brake Pad is composed by friction materials and plate. It blends more than 10 kinds of material, and brings out necessary characteristic.

Ignition Coil

It is a device to generate high voltage for making spark discharge at the spark plug. An Ignition Coil is composed of a primary coil and a secondary coil which have different number of turns. When the current to the primary coil is cut off, high voltage is generated to the secondary coil by electromagnetic induction. In the past, high voltage generated at the Ignition Coil was distributed to spark plugs of each cylinder through a distributer. In these days, direct ignition type which has no distributer became main stream. Since this type uses an Ignition Coil at the top of spark plug of each cylinder, it is called as plug top type as well.

Power Steering Gear / Power Steering Pump

The power steering system is a mechanism to assist the steering force of the steering wheel. The operating principle is the steering control assist by making a hydraulic pressure from the power steering pump (oil pump) with the engine revolution through the V-Belt, and sending the hydraulic pressure to a cylinder to move the inner piston which is in a power steering gear box.

The power steering pump use the engine output more than required flow rate when the car moving because it is driven by engine. To resolve this problem, a variable displacement pump has been developed for changing the discharge flow rate according to the engine speed, and discharges the required flow rate, this type satisfies both of the fuel efficiency and the steering performance.

Water Pump

Water Pump is the device to make coolant water circulate between engine and radiator. Circulating coolant water keeps the engine material sturdy, the lubricant oil temperature constant, cool down automatic transmission fluid and turbocharger. It is activated by timing belt of engine, chain, V-belt, etc. Mechanical seal is built into Water Pump to prevent water leakage to outside.

Oil Pump

Oil Pump transfers oil in oil pan to connecting rod bearing, camshaft, etc. for lubricating. And, it also transfers oil to each parts of engine as hydraulic oil for VTC, etc.

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