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Hitachi Infrastructure Systems Company in Middle East & Africa


Developing global operations as one of the few companies capable of delivering total system construction services

The Palm Jumeirah island is an artificial island currently under construction off the coast of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The project is managed by Nakheel Properties, a real estate developer with ties to the local government.

The Hitachi Group was engaged in construction of various systems for the local monorail system, which serves as the principal means of transportation between the island and the mainland.

The project was unique in that it not only brought the first monorail to the Middle East but also represented the first public railway undertaking in the UAE. Our contribution mainly involved the installation of railway facilities, monorail maintenance and repair facilities, and transformers.

Railway transportation is currently attracting growing interest in light of global warming, and Japan has received high praise for its technological achievements in this field.

[Image]Monorail track