Ensuring excavation effectiveness in Qatar


Ensuring excavation effectiveness in Qatar

Qatar, a prosperous nation located in the Arabian Gulf, is already heading towards a significant economic growth, mainly due to its rich natural resources and its subsequent influence over regional and international commerce. But to meet the future requirements of Qatar, a new and advanced port is of utmost importance. This has led to the development of the New Port which is strategically located on the outskirts of the capital city of Doha and will be a vital component in Qatar’s economic infrastructure.

In order to host three container terminals with an annual capacity of over 6 million containers, the New Port basin has to be approximately 3.8 km in length, 700 meters wide and 17 meters deep. The excavation project was awarded to the Belgium firm Gulf Earth Moving (GEM) and they have to excavate over 30 million cubic meters of granular materials.

But the extreme heat of the region, the taxing work environment and the unique site –specific challenges call for excavators that have the expertise to undertake this monumental endeavor. Keeping in mind the project’s tight schedule and the fact that the excavators, due to their size, have to be shipped in as separate parts and later assembled at the site, Gulf Earth Moving has chosen the Hitachi EX1900 – 6 to help excavate more than 30 million cubic meters of sand and limestone from the site, making this one of the largest greenfield port development projects in the world.

Challenge: Overcoming harsh working conditions and assuring performance

Due to the huge area of the site, the combination of soft sand and hard limestone that needs to be excavated, tight deadlines, and the requirement to work 24 /7 in this harsh climate, it is critical that the equipment is adaptable to the unique needs of this project. The excavators have to be dismantled, shipped and reassembled, and maintained to ensure smooth functionality despite harsh working conditions.

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Solution: Beating the odds with effective machinery, customized attachments and great teamwork

The Hitachi EX1900 – 6 was chosen for the job due its high production and low fuel consumption, optimal functionality, and customization such as the specialized bucket to work in conjunction with the huge break force of the machine. Hitachi dealers provided specialized knowledge in assembly, and Hitachi’s engineers & assembly staff ensured that the excavators were operational in a minimal amount of time.

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Result: Proudly welcoming new economic opportunities in the Arabian Gulf

Hitachi’s site - specific solutions help accomplish moving 30 million cubic meters of sand and hard rock. The reliability of Hitachi’s global supply chain solves issues like breakdowns, and help ensure the fluid progress of the project. The continued success of this large-scale earth moving project is owed to Hitachi and Gulf Earth Moving working together, and bring new economic opportunities in the Arabian Gulf.

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We came here in 2012, first started the job with the access channel. Then we achieved the second part and that is the naval base. And now we are facing the excavation of approximately 30 million cubic meters with Hitachi.

Ton De Kroon
Project manager
Gulf Earth Moving WLL (GEM)

This EX1900 – 6 has been introduced for the mining business. We are the pioneers in mining excavators, and this machine works 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Hidefumi Sameshima
President, Hitachi Construction Machinery
Middle East Corporation FZE

In my experience with Hitachi, these large machines are the best in the world. We can almost say it is a trouble-free machine that gives very high production with very low fuel consumption and this is one of the benefits of these giant machines; so use of such machines for mining and other big projects speed up the projects.

Ramzi Tumallah
Deputy General Manager
Product Support Department
Hitachi Construction Machinery Middle East Corporation FZE

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