Overcoming Harsh Working Conditions And Assuring Performance

Working reliably under extreme environmental conditions

The unique location, the extraordinary geology and the extreme climate are the main challenges that this New Port location in Qatar holds for Gulf Earth Moving and Hitachi.

Because of the huge area of the site, the only way to overcome these challenges is to deal with them in phases, by laying out the milestones that need to be achieved to complete the project successfully.

We came here in 2012, first started the job with the access channel. Then we achieved the second part and that is the naval base. And now we are facing the excavation of approximately 30 million cubic meters with Hitachi.

Ton De Kroon
Project manager
Gulf Earth Moving WLL (GEM)

First, the excavators have to be dismantled, shipped and reassembled, all within 2 weeks on arrival of the cargo.

The challenge we have is to mobilize this machine. After we send it from Japan to the Doha port, we have to use more than ten trailers to move it to the site, and then we have about 2 weeks to assemble 2 machines, so this was our challenge.

Hidefumi Sameshima
President, Hitachi Construction Machinery
Middle East Corporation FZE

Once the machines are operational, a combination of tight deadlines, 24/7 working hours, high temperatures and the need to excavate a mixture of soft sand and hard limestone require the equipment used at the site to be versatile, efficient and effective.

The materials that we have to excavate here are sand to very hard limestone, and for this hard material we are using the heavy forces of the Hitachi equipment to break out the heavy rocks.

Koen Adriaensen
Works Manager
Gulf Earth Moving WLL (GEM)

The extreme climate also poses a major challenge due to the high levels of heat and humidity in the region. It is of utmost importance to keep the machines running and to protect the workers in this unforgiving climate.

The climate is one of the most challenging aspects in the Middle East, especially during summer. The temperature, humidity and walking under the open sun in open areas is of course a challenge.

Ramzi Tumallah
Deputy General Manager
Product Support Department
Hitachi Construction Machinery Middle East Corporation FZE

But the hardest task would be to maintain the construction machinery and ensure that it works smoothly at the job site despite all the harsh working conditions. Maintenance of the excavators also requires reliable dealership assistance for the efficient repair and replacement of machine parts as and when needed.

Our hardest job I would say is to maintain the construction machinery and keep it working at the job site, because the machine is working in harsh conditions in this region. Our products are reliable machines. However we have to serve them 24/7.

Piet Hein van Bakergem
General Manager, Sales & Marketing
Product Support Department
Hitachi Construction Machinery Middle East Corporation FZE

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