Environmentally friendly solution for providing water in the desert

Self contained, solar powered water desalination plants in the desert

Green energy is a must in Abu Dhabi and it was a requirement of the project to power the desalination plants using solar energy. There is no lack of sunlight in Abu Dhabi and solar power overcomes the usually high cost of energy for operating the plant, but importantly it has no environmental impact.

Hitachi is a well know company in Abu Dhabi and it works in many fields in Abu Dhabi. When we started this project Hitachi were invited like an other competitors and selection was very transparent.

Dr Mohamed A Dawoud
Advisor, Water Resourcese
Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi

In 2009 we started the first unit of solar RO. After that we installed the remaining fourteen RO solar units.

Hiroaki Koyano
Manager, Water Treatment Division
Hitachi, Ltd. Infrastructure Systems Company

The idea of the project is to construct a water channel, filled with fresh water, and let the water circulate in the channel.

Dr Bassem Osman
Manager, Middle East Sales Department,
Hitachi, Ltd. Infrastructure Systems Company

But the big need for animals also, in the middle of the desert, is trees and shade so, we have quite a complex irrigation system.

James Hilyard
Unit Head, Infrastructure
Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi

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