Designing customized lifts for Al Hamra tower and implement a moving platform solving the challenge of carrying the heavy motors

Hitachi’s technological advances and pioneering techniques towards accomplishing the elevators for Al Hamra Tower

Hitachi was faced with many challenges while accomplishing the speedy elevators of Al Hamra tower. Since the tower was unique with all its specifications it was recognizable that the elevators had to comply with these standards.

In terms of speed during the tender stage Hitachi and Ahmadiah had faced the challenge of providing the customer with customized lifts in terms of load and speed were not available and out of Hitachi’s production range was solved by designing these elevators from scratch to fulfil the clients’ needs by the Research & Development team that have developed the first 10 meter per second speedy elevators that had kept Hitachi in the top of the competition. Hitachi dispatched engineers to the site in order to support not just during installation, but also in the testing, commissioning and handover of these lifts. It was also the first time for Hitachi and Ahmadiah to install, design and test these customized elevators.

Designing the first 10 meter per second elevators from scratch to fulfil the clients’ needs by our Research & Development team had kept Hitachi in the top of the competition

Mr. Jensen
Manager, Hitachi

By implementing technological advances and pioneering techniques, Hitachi elevator division together with Ahmadiah solved the lifting challenges faced during the installation phase.

Furthermore, Hitachi together with Ahmadiah faced a hurdle when the elevators had enormous motors weighing 18 tons that were heavy and in order to lift them to their final the buildings’ tower crane was not prepared to lift such a high capacity so Hitachi implemented a moving platform that was designed to carry each motor from its initial location (unload them from the truck) then at the end of platform’s trip comes the elevator shaft where the motor is hoisted from within the shaft to the final location. This operation involved a lot of engineering professionals and constructional preparation at the site.

As well, the size of a 10 ton transformer was located at one of the upper floors and the team was challenged with moving it to its final location. Hitachi and Ahmadiah had solved this issue by designing a service lift with the original load of 4500 Kg and a speed of 6m/s that is capable of carrying 10 tons at a reduced speed of (0.5m/s). In addition, the size of the transformer was large and was not able to fit into the elevator door in order to sort this out the elevator was designed with removable front cabin walls and doors to accommodate these transformers. In other words this elevator acted as a platform during this process. Extra safety components were considered for this special elevator by providing locking devices at the two transformer stops.

A service lift and customized lifts were designed by Hitachi in order to solve the lifting challenges especially with the motors of the ultra-high speed elevators and transformer but through employing an experienced team, installation techniques and innovative technology we were able to solve all these challenge.

Adel S. Tayea
General Manager
Ahmadiah International Elevator Co. W.L.L.

Through well coordination, ground-breaking design techniques, agreat plan, as well as cooperation between all parties results in creating the best transportation system. In agreement with the above statement Al hamrah’s management, Hitachi’s and Ahmadiah’s team worked hand in hand with the well-informed SOM designers and came up with a great plan that had taken place during the designing of the tower in order to accomodate the big number of lifts as well this was taken into the consideration throughout all of the stages accompanied.

The designers of Al Hamra had to keep in mind designing the building with minimum spaces to accommodate the big number of lifts and in order to avoid disturbing the offices area the building was divided into 6 different zones, served by separate group of elevators, each shuttle group was with variable speed serving the different zones of the building in order to maximize the efficiency of each group and to reduce the waiting time for passengers, this was also accomplished by Hitachi’s innovations that were further proven when they completed custom made elevator cabins that were incorporated inside the internal media screen.

Hitachi was very helpful in overcoming obstacles during many stages of the Project with their professional approach that had contributed to the success of the Project.

Eng. Mohammed Al Matook - MBA
Deputy General Manager
Al Hamra Real Estate

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