Providing the fastest elevators for Al Hamra tower


Providing the fastest elevators for Al Hamra tower

Al Hamra tower is well renowned as the soaring tower in Kuwait and the 23rd in the world, reaching the height of 412 meters and comprising of a commercial complex of offices, a health club and a high end shopping mall welcoming tenants with a rising 20 meters tall lobby. Al Hamra tower is unique with its different façade and distinctive features that makes it the only skyscraper that responds to the hot and dry desert climate by minimizing the solar heat through the angled window cuts of its interior south walls; furthermore its Asymmetrical shape protects the tower from the wind. Moreover, the idea of Al Hamra tower originated from the requirement of having Kuwait on the architectural world map, serving as a high standard skyscraper in the country’s construction sector.

Hitachi, known as one of the leading transportation means in most of the highest buildings in Kuwait and providing elevators / escalators to the tallest buildings in other countries of the world. Hitachi Supplied the total of 53 of the fastest elevators including 17 speedy lifts, 16 escalators, and 2 building maintenance units travelling in the speed of 7, 8 and 10 meters per second that was developed for the first time in Kuwait for Al Hamra Tower. Reaching the height of 412 meters Al Hamra tower is a state-of-the-art design derived from the traditional local outfit of Kuwaitis that comprises of a commercial complex of offices, a health club and a high end shopping mall welcoming residents, investors, and visitors with a rising 20 meters tall lobby.

Challenge: Lifting, Installing and testing the fastest elevators for Al Hamra Tower

The main supplier elevator division of Ahmadiah company was faced with a few challenges in terms of providing the specifications required by the customer, create unique installation techniques, and finding distinctive solutions for the lifting encounters. Furthermore, Al Hamra towers’ architectures and engineers had to keep the elevators into consideration while constructing and designing the tower in order to deliver the elevators without any complications. Moreover, Hitachi was also faced with challenges during the tender stage and the rest was during the testing of the elevators.

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Solution: Hitachi’s creative approaches and innovative techniques in setting the elevators

The qualified team of Hitachi elevators has chosen the best solutions for the challenges that they have encountered by generating innovative solutions for the lifting, installation and testing of the elevators with the cooperation of their supplier elevator division of Ahmadiah company during the completion of the project that as a result contributed in delivering the finest and developing the fastest 10 meter per second elevators that had matched the requirements set by Al Hamra tower.

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Future: Hitachi serving the world with social innovative business solutions

Through various activities bound by a common theme - sustainable development and enhanced comfort - Hitachi strives to create a public infrastructure that serves people around the world, and breaks the current record of ultra-high speed elevators and strives to get a 12 percent market share in the MENA market. With Hitachi social innovation business solutions that combines IT solutions with advanced infrastructure, will be applicable in the elevators and escalators to ensure safe and comfortable travel in the age of the Internet of Things.

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Al Hamra tower state of the art design, height, size and luxurious features has resulted in a few challenges when it came to the elevators requirements which had to match the highest technological and safety standards.

Al Hamra Tower elements was divided mainly into: The luxury center which is a 7 storey building, the car park consisting of 11 floors, and the business tower which is 80 floors in total requiring efficient convening systems, fast elevators traveling up to10 meters per second, in addition to the innovative capabilities that was required for the elevator cabins in order to match the luxurious requirements.

Elevator division of Ahmadiah, the major supplier of elevator and escalator products and the exclusive distributor of Hitachi as well as other elevator suppliers in Kuwait was confident that Hitachi will undertake the project and deliver the best results due to its renowned reputation in providing fast and convenient transportation as well as its well-known reputation in providing the best after service to the most recognized high rise buildings in Kuwait and the world. As a result, elevator division of Ahmadiah have recommended Hitachi to Al Hamra tower management during the tender stage and was successfully awarded with the project due to its strong standing among its competitors in the elevators industry.

Hitachi’s research and development team together with Elevator division of Ahmadiah have developed the first 10meter per second elevators from scratch that had kept Hitachi in the top of the competition towards fulfilling Alhamra requirements.

Hitachi was awarded with the completion of the elevators project that consisted of high speed shuttle and VIP elevators, passenger elevators at different zones, and service elevators, because compared to other competitors they are well renowned in Kuwait for their exceptional services and in the completion of the elevators for Al Hamra tower they have met and exceeded the expectations set by the SOM boats.

Adel S. Tayea
General Manager
Ahmadiah International Elevator Co. W.L.L.

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