Reduce Waiting List for Patients

Improved diagnosis and less claustrophobia

The Aperto Lucent provides high quality imaging leading to improved diagnosis, even for patients suffering from claustrophobia.

The Hitachi Medical Corporation motto is simple, but proven time and time again, it is 'The Best for your patients' and it is closely linked to 'economic performance for healthcare'

We've had many good results from purchasing the new Hitachi Open MRI machine. The most important one is that it enables us to get close to fulfilling our dream of giving the best possible care to our patients, using an open midfield MRI machine.

Professor Ihab Reda
Board Vice President, Dar El Ashaa Centre

Fewer patients now get claustrophobia during scanning

Importantly, fewer patients now get claustrophobia, because they are not in a confined tube. They are comfortable and in an open environment. This saves much wasted time with patients stopping the procedures.

Improved medical diagnosis for more patients

The Aperto Lucent open MRI scanner produces images in less time, so Dar El Ashaa we are now able to carry out around 20 procedures a day. This has increased their throughput of patients which has reduced their waiting list. This is good for their patient community of Alexandria.

They are able to report results and send the images, via the internet, on the same day, to patients outside of Alexandria. For patients within Alexandria they provide the results within 24 hours, either via the internet or as prints that the patients collect. Importantly for patients with acute illness or trauma, they can send the results to the hospital very quickly so that emergency procedures can be carried out.

Locally based maintenance engineer

Critically, the technical engineer from BM Egypt is based locally, so that there can be an almost instant response, should it be required, from an engineer who has been trained by Hitachi and who specialises in this equipment. This is both efficient and effective.

Running costs can be reduced

"To sum it up we are extremely pleased with the new Hitachi Aperto Lucent Open MRI machine. It gives us the quality we wanted, at the price we could afford and the on-going maintenance costs are low." continues Professor Ihab.

"When we will think to purchase another scanner in the future, maybe a 1.2T machine, then I will certainly consider Hitachi equipment and their special offers among those of other manufacturers".

A partnership that has benefits for everyone

The result of this project has been very good for everyone concerned. With the assistance of Hitachi Medical Systems, in Cairo, BM Egypt have been able to fulfill their mission of delivering a top quality product in a timely, courteous and professional manner and have met their customer's expectation.

BM Egypt technicians are pleased with the Hitachi Aperto Lucent Open MRI Scanner because it has a high build quality and has been simple to maintain. If they ever have any issues then Hitachi Medical Systems are always there to assist them.

Mahmoud Elsadek
Marketing Director, BM Egypt

It has been a fruitful partnership that will continue in the future, because BM Egypt feel confident in recommending Hitachi Medical Systems equipment to any of their clients. Now that Hitachi Medical Systems, Middle East, have their offices in Cairo it makes it even easier for them to work in partnership with BM Egypt.

The result has proved very successful and the Center now has the only Open MRI system in Alexandria, which means that they can now handle more scans per day and importantly those patients who suffer from claustrophobia can be scanned without the need for sedation.

Takuya Maeda - President
Hitachi Medical Systems Middle East S.A.E.

Alexandria now has a truly world class facility

Scanned images can be sent directly via the internet, this means that it saves time and money for everyone involved. Patients no longer have to travel into the Center of Alexandria to collect their images to take to their hospital.

Throughout this project Hitachi built a strong relationship with both the Dar El Ashaa Center and BM Egypt and they appreciated the very good financial package that Hitachi were able to offer them. They have all worked together to provide a solution that is of great benefit to the people of Alexandria. They now have a truly world class facility.

The next dream for Dar El Ashaa

Hitachi are proud to be associated with this project and to bring the first Open MRI system into Alexandria.

I know that the dream of the Center is to expand, and to purchase a Hitachi high Tesla Super conductor MRI System. We will work with them, so that in the future this dream can become a reality for both the Dar El Ashaa Center and the people of Alexandria

Takuya Maeda - President
Hitachi Medical Systems Middle East S.A.E.

Dar El Ashaa Radiology and Imaging Centre

One of the five Dar El Ashaa centres

Dar El Ashaa is a state of the art radiology and medical imaging facility, based in Alexandria, Egypt. It is owned and directed by highly experienced professors and staff members of the University of Alexandria, Faculty of Medicine.

From its five centres in Alexandria it provides medical imaging and diagnostics for the hospitals and patients in and around Alexandria.

Its services includes MRI and CT scanning, Digital Radiography, Angiography, and Ultrasonography. It is the only imaging centre in Alexandria equipped with an open MRI scanner.

The goal of Dar El Ashaa is to reach a precise diagnosis of the patient's condition, utilising the safest, fastest and most convenient imaging technique at an affordable price.

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BM Egypt

BM Egypt is the leading supplier of medical equipment in Egypt. They are one of the oldest and most trusted names in the medical field and they act as agents or importers for some of the world's leading manufacturers.

From their four branches in Cairo, Alexandria, Mansoura and Assuit they supply medical equipment to hospitals and medical practices throughout Egypt. They also have six temperature controlled warehouses for the safe storage of equipment, spares and supplies.

BM Egypt Offices in Cairo

Founded in 1976 they now have an annual turnover in excess of 75 million US dollars and employ over 360 staff, with 220 of them working in the field, supporting their customers. The staff are high calibre and have excellent scientific backgrounds.

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Hitachi Medical Systems Middle East S.A.E.

Hitachi Medical Systems, Middle East S.A.E are part of Hitachi Medical Corporation in Tokyo. Hitachi has been supplying medical equipment to the Middle East and North Africa for a number of years but has now opened offices in the centre of Cairo, Egypt, supplying advanced medical equipment to the region.

This office will cover a large area, which in geographic the Middle East includes Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Oman, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine. In North Africa it currently covers Libya, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Djibouti, and South Sudan. Hitachi will handle supply, customer support, service and maintenance from these offices.

Hitachi Medical Corporation facility in Japan

Hitachi is committed to a Global healthcare business that supports a healthy and safe society and is also committed to delivering advanced medical solutions which meet the demands of both medical staff and patients worldwide. Hitachi Medical Corporation employs over 16,000 specialists in their worldwide research and development facility.

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