A New Compact opensided MRI Scanner

Aperto Lucent, an elegant midfield Open MRI scanner

Hitachi uses extensive research to develop new products

Whilst developing new products, Hitachi Medical Systems uses extensive research information to predict new market trends and to provide the blueprint for product development. Therefore solutions are tailored to meet customers' current and future needs.

The Hitachi Medical Corporation motto is simple, but proven time and time again, it is 'The Best for your patients' and it is closely linked to 'economic performance for healthcare'

What is MRI scanning?

MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging and is a technique that has been used since the beginning of the 1980's.

The MRI scanner uses magnetic and radio waves to provide detailed information which is then computed, using powerful software, to create images of tissues, organs and other structures within the body. This means that, unlike some other modes of medical imaging, there is no exposure to X-rays or any other damaging forms of radiation.

About the Aperto Lucent Open MRI scanner

Hitachi Medical Corporation has a superb range of MRI scanners and is a world leader in the market, with many years of experience producing MRI scanners. So Hitachi knew they would have a solution which would answer all the criteria of the challenge. The solution was the Hitachi Aperto Lucent Open MRI scanner, which offers the following benefits:

  • Prime imaging capability
  • Open sided design
  • Small footprint and cost saving
  • Improved operator usability

Prime imaging capability

The images produced by an MRI scan, when compared to other imaging techniques, are much more detailed and therefore are of higher diagnostic quality. The Aperto Lucent offers high quality imaging using the very latest Hitachi technology.

Open sided design

Hitachi Medical Corporation are continually evolving MRI Scanner technology and the development of the Aperto Lucent MRI Scanner is an important step forward. It has a single offset pillar design which is open on one side, unlike conventional tube scanners. Because of this, patients feel less anxiety and it relieves the stress from those who suffer from claustrophobia. This means patients are more comfortable and less likely to move during the scanning procedure, which is important as it ensures better image quality.

The scanning procedure is also made easy for the patient. The table can be lowered for easy access and then raised using a simple foot switch. This is particularly useful for children or older patients.

Small footprint and cost saving feature

The Aperto Lucent is also very compact, which means it can be housed in a smaller room, this is a benefit for users who have restrictions on space.

This was particularly important to Dar El Ashaa because they had very limited space available. Also there is a cost saving by reducing the space requirement.

Improved operator usability

Hitachi has also significantly improved the imaging software and usability for the operator. The new graphic user interface provides simplified data entry and the wide LCD monitor allows the operator to display information in an easy to understand way.

It is simple for the operator to carry out tasks such as arranging the scan sections during the procedure, or changing the contrast of the images.

BM Egypt and Hitachi worked in close partnership to provide the solution

After looking at the options available, it was clear that the new Aperto Lucent Open MRI scanner from Hitachi would be the best option to recommend to the Dar El Ashaa Imaging and Radiology Center.

It answered all the challenges in the brief and BM Egypt knew from previous experience that Hitachi Medical Systems would work in close partnership with them to bring the successful completion to the project and to ensure that Dar El Ashaa was more than satisfied with the result.

Once professor Reda had agreed that the Aperto Lucent would be the best solution BM Egypt and Hitachi had to work closely with him to ensure a satisfactory installation at the Center. This entailed some work on the room in which the scanner would be housed.

Ongoing maintenance was critical to the project

Hitachi Medical Systems then trained BM Egypt's team of maintenance technicians to ensure that they could supply the on-going routine maintenance which would keep the scanner operating correctly and precisely for up to 15 hours a day, six days a week. This was what was required by the Center.

The BM Egypt technicians have been very pleased with the scanner because, unlike most other scanners, there has been very little veering, which would require re-calibration.

The routine preventative maintenance, which they carry out each month, consists mainly of checking the outputs, connectors and cables, to ensure that there is no signal drop-off. It is quick and simple to carry out and reflects the build quality of the Hitachi Aperto Lucent Open MRI scanner.

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