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Hitachi in MENA

Activities in MENA

Featured Activities in UAE

Introduction to the main Hitachi activities in UAE.

Featured Activities in Saudi Arabia

Introduction to the main Hitachi activities in Saudi Arabia.

Event Information

Hitachi in MENA

Get more information about Hitachi group companies and subsidiaries within MENA.

Global Activities

At Hitachi, we understand the need for responsible business practices, and implement them in our Global activities and processes. We follow effectual strategies to create environmentally friendly products and solutions that safeguard society and environment. Know how Hitachi CSR activities, R&D activities, procurement, and Hitachi Global activities focus on achieving environmental and societal sustainability.


Since its first publication in 1952, the Hitachi Review has been introducing the world with the innovative Hitachi technology. It is now available in a web-based format. Explore the links below to read Hitachi publications, Hitachi Group Sustainability Report , financial highlights, and Hitachi annual reports.