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Hitachi in MENA

Abu-Dabhi, Solar-Powered Desalination Plants

photo of Arabian Oryx

At the Hitachi Group, the preservation of ecosystems is a major pillar in our efforts to achieve a sustainable society. We believe that supplying fresh water, which is essential to all life, and caring for the environment in which it is found is a crucial element in this undertaking.
One example is the creation of watering holes in arid deserts, making survival easier for animals who live there.
The Hitachi Group is providing the project to protect the endangered Arabian Oryx with a solar-powered desalination plant.

Dubai, The Palm Jumeirah monorail

photo of The Palm Jumeirah monorail

The Palm Jumeirah island is an artificial island currently under construction off the coast of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The project is managed by Nakheel Properties, a real estate developer with ties to the local government.
Both Hitachi and Hitachi Plant Technologies were engaged in construction of various systems for the local monorail system, which serves as the principal means of transportation between the island and the mainland.

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Video of Water Environment Solutions

The Hitachi Group adopts a holistic approach to water environment related problems and it utilizes its advanced technological capabilities to address these global issues. This video gives an overview of Hitachi's wide range of worldwide engagements in the water environment sector including following contents.

photo of Burj Khalifa

Dubai - Burj Khalifa's dancing fountain

Hitachi provided a solution of using treated water from the Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) -RO System to top-up Burj Khalifa's lake water, which features the world's largest dancing fountain.

Abu Dhabi - Construction of this watering place for Arabian Oryx

photo of Arabian Oryxs

High salt content water pumped up from wells is desalinated and supplied as drinking water. The water environment technology is helping to preserve ecosystems.